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China's sensor market forecast in the next five years

industry influencing factors s.l.10% equity

I. favorable factors

(I) policies promote industrial development

in recent years, the government has issued national strategies such as the outline for promoting the development of the national integrated circuit industry, made in China 2025, and the guiding opinions of the State Council on actively promoting the "IOT +" action, which have promoted the development of the sensor and IOT industry. The electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology organized and held the "China sensor and IOT industry development strategy seminar". The purpose of the meeting is to implement relevant national strategies and accelerate the development of China's sensor and IOT industry towards integration, innovation, ecology and clustering

the core of IOT is various sensors, which are like the roots of the big tree of IOT, transmitting data to all branches as nutrients. Building IOT requires sensors to collect data and then transmit it to the cloud in the most cost-effective way through wireless technology. In the context of the rapid development of IOT industry, the sensor industry is growing rapidly

(II) a wide range of applications

Chinese sensors are significantly used in the automotive industry, including sensor applications in automotive tires, sensors in airbags, sensors in chassis systems, sensors in engine operation management systems, sensor applications and demands in exhaust and air quality control systems, sensor applications and demands in ABS Sensor application and demand in vehicle driving safety system, sensor application and demand in vehicle anti-theft system, sensor application and demand in engine combustion control system, sensor application and demand in vehicle positioning system, sensor application and demand in other vehicle systems. In addition, Chinese sensors also have new applications in other fields, such as industrial control, environmental protection, facility agriculture, multimedia image, etc

(III) the industry presents a cluster development

China's sensor manufacturing enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region, and gradually form a regional spatial layout dominated by Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Xi'an and other Sino British universities' cooperative research and development of medical high molecular nanocomposites

1. Yangtze River Delta region: with Shanghai, Wuxi and Nanjing as the center, it has gradually formed a relatively complete sensor production system and industrial supporting facilities, including innovation as the first driving force for development, such as thermal sensitivity, magnetic sensitivity, image, weighing, photoelectric, temperature, gas sensitivity, etc

2. Pearl River Delta region: the sensor industry system mainly consists of Shenzhen central city and foreign-funded enterprises from nearby small and medium-sized cities, mainly including thermal, magnetic, ultrasonic and weighing

3. Northeast China: mainly Shenyang, Changchun and Harbin, mainly producing MEMS force sensors, gas sensors and humidity sensors

4. Beijing Tianjin region: mainly universities, engaged in the research and development of new sensors, filling the domestic gap in some fields. Beijing has established the State Key Laboratory of micron/nanometer

5. The central region: Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Taiyuan are the main areas, and the mode of close combination of industry, University and research has a good development trend in ptc/ntc thermistor, inductive digital liquid level sensor and gas sensor industries

II. Adverse factors

(I) lack of core technology and basic capabilities, weak innovation ability

sensors have a huge gap in high-end aspects of high-precision, high sensitivity analysis, component analysis and special applications. Almost 100% of medium and high-end sensor products are imported from abroad, 90% of chips depend on foreign countries, and China lacks the research and development and industrialization ability of new principles, new devices and new materials sensors

(II) common key technologies have not really broken through

there is a big gap in design technology, packaging technology, equipment technology and so on. There is no set of sensor design software with independent intellectual property rights in China. The reliability of domestic sensors is orders of magnitude lower than that of similar foreign products. The sensor packaging has not yet formed a series, standards and unified interfaces. The R & D and production of sensor process equipment are monopolized by foreign countries

(III) unreasonable industrial structure, incomplete varieties, specifications and series, and low technical indicators

domestic sensor products often do not form a series, and there is also a considerable gap between products and foreign countries in measurement accuracy, temperature characteristics, response time, stability, reliability and other indicators

market size forecast

taking the above factors into consideration, we predict that the scale of China's sensor market will reach 207 billion yuan in 2017, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 30.14% in the next five years (), and the scale of China's sensor market will reach 593.7 billion yuan in 2021

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