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Prediction and analysis of the development trend of pharmaceutical packaging machinery

the high-end level of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery is not far behind that of foreign countries. Some equipment has been synchronized with the current world's latest technological progress, but there is still a big gap between the overall level and the advanced level of foreign countries

at present, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery has filled the gap in basic categories and basic technology, but there is still a gap between China and other countries in terms of the source of funds for product research and development, test conditions, product stability, automatic control, etc., which can measure steps, track heat consumption, and create interactive training, and it does not burn. In terms of automatic control technology, foreign pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment have basically achieved intelligent and humanized design, while China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery is relatively backward in PLC control and interface control. In addition to using PLC control technology, we must make supporting choices in materials, design and all related links at the same time, so as to realize intelligent control. At the same time, the stability of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery is still relatively poor, which may lead to problems in product quality and affect the whole packaging line

the outstanding stability of pharmaceutical packaging machinery is a key requirement for pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises with large production capacity and a wide range of products, because unstable equipment is easy to lead to shutdown and disconnection and affect production. The main factors affecting the stability of pharmaceutical packaging machinery are materials, components and basic transmission devices. First of all, the low-level configuration of materials and components will seriously affect the stability of equipment, but at present, some enterprises in China purchase low-grade or even inferior materials and components for cost considerations. Second, the basic transmission device on the packaging machine is also one of the factors affecting the stability of packaging machinery. At present, China's pharmaceutical packaging equipment is basically based on basic transmission devices such as chains, tugs, and swinging stems, which will bring hidden dangers to the stability of machinery, while foreign pharmaceutical packaging machinery basically adopts servo drive systems. It should be said that it is not very difficult for enterprises to choose a servo motor, but enterprises usually consider the potential cost pressure of introducing servo motors. Enterprises have changed from the traditional transmission mode to the application of servo motors, and then need to provide servo motors for other institutions or equipment. In this way, with the improvement of control accuracy, the cost also increases, which makes many pharmaceutical production enterprises unable to bear

take the sub packer as an example, the production capacity of the earliest sub packer in China is 40 bottles per minute, followed by 60 bottles per minute, until it develops to 120 bottles per minute. When we realize the production speed of 60 bottles/minute for similar foreign equipment, it reaches 300 bottles/minute. Hafei group's products, which are independently developed by China's sub packers, have no difference in output per minute and equipment functions with foreign equipment, but their stability is not outstanding. If similar foreign sub packer equipment can achieve stable production with a production speed of 300 bottles/minute, the production speed of similar domestic equipment can generally be stabilized at 280 bottles/minute

take the aluminum-plastic packaging machine as an example. Compared with foreign countries, the aluminum-plastic packaging machine made in China lags far behind, reflecting each specific work link. For example, the lines of aluminum-plastic packaging machines produced in China are deep and uneven. For another example, the feeding process is a very critical and weak link in all types of packaging machines at home and abroad, but compared with foreign countries, the feeding process of pharmaceutical packaging machines in China is even weaker. China also has roller brush aluminum plastic packaging machine, which adopts special feeding process. In terms of the production capacity of the feeding process, taking capsules as an example, the output of domestic equipment is 600 tablets per minute, and that of tablets is 700-800 tablets per minute, while the feeding process of foreign aluminum-plastic packaging machines can achieve a production speed of 2000 tablets/minute

the production speed and operation status of the aluminum plastic packaging machine are directly affected by the factors such as the materials used, the processing means and the supporting coordination of the mechanism. 1. Because the material yield is not obvious

at present, the global pharmaceutical packaging machinery is developing towards a more GMP compliant direction. For pharmaceutical packaging machinery, the direction of in-depth development is faster, more stable, and the proportion of automation in exports to emerging countries will also be greatly improved. The control level will be higher, the operation will be more humanized, more convenient, more convenient for cleaning, and so on. How to develop along the depth direction of GMP certification and the development strategy in the middle need in-depth thinking of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry

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