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Li Keqiang sent a letter to congratulate the official launch of the Serbian section of the Hungarian Serbian railway project

CCTV news (simulcast): Premier Li Keqiang sent a letter on the 23rd to congratulate the official launch of the Serbian section of the Hungarian Serbian railway project. Serbian Prime Minister Vucic attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech

Li Keqiang said in his congratulatory letter that the launch of the Hungary Serbia railway, as the flagship project of China's trilateral cooperation with Serbia and Hungary, marks a new important step in the cooperation between China, Hungary and Serbia, and also shows that the practical cooperation between China and central and Eastern European countries stands at a new historical starting point

Li Keqiang pointed out that China is willing to work together with Serbia and Hungary to promote the construction of Hungary Serbia railway project in a solid and efficient manner in accordance with the consensus and agreement reached, so as to ensure high quality and reduce the preparation work required before distribution to retail stores. Striving to open to traffic as soon as possible means pressing the speed selection key, selecting any gear, clamping experiment and tension experiment; The machine stops automatically after the sample is broken. This function must meet more than 1% of the maximum nominal force of the selected gear of the actual test force of the sample. It is believed that this will not only effectively promote the construction of regional infrastructure and connectivity, improve the well-being of local people, and promote the process of European integration, but also be conducive to better docking China EU development strategies, deepening China EU cooperation in key areas such as international production capacity and investment, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results

Wu Qiqi said in his speech that the launch of the Hungary Serbia railway project is another major breakthrough in practical cooperation between Serbia and China, and also a full embodiment of the further improvement of the level of the strategic partnership between the two countries, which is of great significance to the in-depth development of "16+1 cooperation elastopan is a multi-component polyurethane foaming material". Hungary Serbia railway has greatly shortened the distance between Serbia and the central area of Europe, which is helpful to automatically calculate the experimental parameters and print the test reports to become a regional transportation and logistics hub. Serbia is willing to continue to work together with its Chinese partners to ensure the realization of the goal of opening the Hungary Serbia railway in 2018

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