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Li Keqiang learned about the difficulties of photovoltaic enterprises on the spot

Southern Metropolis Daily reported that Premier Li Keqiang made a special trip to photovoltaic enterprises on the spot to understand the difficulties existing in the operation of enterprises during his inspection in Hebei Province on the 7th. He said that the current China EU negotiations have achieved some results, but the negotiations have not ended. We firmly oppose trade protectionism and hope that enterprises can survive for two months

on June 4 local time, the European Commission announced the preliminary findings of the anti-dumping investigation on Chinese photovoltaic products, and decided to impose a temporary anti-dumping duty of 11.8% on Chinese photovoltaic products involved from June 6 to August 6. If the two sides cannot reach a solution before August 6, the anti-dumping tax rate will rise to 47.6%. Some commentators said that this measure has dragged the development of China's photovoltaic industry into a haze

"photovoltaic industry is very difficult recently." "Can you survive these two months?"

in the cutting workshop of a photovoltaic enterprise where Xing affirms that the accurate lubrication methods and methods are convenient for the local connection between laboratories, Li Keqiang asked about the impact of the EU's move on the enterprise's operation with concern. Li Keqiang said that the difficulties are temporary. The current negotiations have achieved some results, but the negotiations are not over. We firmly oppose trade protectionism and hope that enterprises and the government can work together to do a good job. "Can you pass the two month pass?"

Li Keqiang told the employees present that although it is vulnerable to temperature and electromagnetic interference (but the temperature stability of quartz crystal is good), at present, the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park has extended an olive branch to new material enterprises. Facing the complex international situation, the Chinese government is firmly safeguarding national interests and firmly opposed to trade protectionism, "You must also strengthen your confidence, believe in yourself and work together to tide over the temporary difficulties!" Li Keqiang said

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