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Li Keqiang: aim at urban infrastructure and guide social capital investment

Li Keqiang: aim at urban infrastructure and guide social capital investment

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Guide: Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang recently said that under the current situation, we should aim at areas such as urban infrastructure construction to increase investment in order to expand domestic demand as a powerful lever. According to Xinhua news agency, Li Keqiang said that urban infrastructure construction is

Li Keqiang, vice premier of the State Council, said recently that under the current situation of bringing oil back to the oil tank, we should increase investment in areas such as urban infrastructure construction, as a powerful "lever" to expand domestic demand

according to Xinhua news agency, Li Keqiang said during his investigation in Ningxia, a western province, that urban infrastructure construction is an important part of promoting urbanization. To strengthen urban infrastructure construction, the government should not only promote it, but also pay attention to the use of reform methods, innovative mechanisms and models to attract more social capital investment

he said that municipal facilities such as drainage and public transportation are closely related to people's lives, and the development prospect of environmental protection industry is broad, but at present, these are still "short boards" on the whole. With the promotion of urbanization and the continuous improvement of people's expectations for the living environment, there is a great demand in this regard, and it is necessary to speed up the construction of the lateral bearing capacity and downward bearing capacity of handrails

"sooner or later, these things will be done, which is an effective investment and an investment conducive to expanding consumption." Li Keqiang also stressed the need to improve investment efficiency, prevent blind construction, combine the western development with the expansion of opening to the west, form new comprehensive advantages, take effective measures to promote major practical things that can not only stabilize growth, but also adjust the structure, but also benefit people's livelihood, and enhance the endogenous driving force and sustainability of the economy

Li Keqiang also said that China's future development depends mainly on domestic demand, and the western development is a major strategic measure to expand domestic demand. The western development should combine development and opening-up, actively undertake industrial transfer, optimize industrial structure and resource element allocation, give better play to late developing advantages, promote the stable growth of foreign trade, and realize the "double promotion and double promotion" of development and opening-up

recently, many urban rail, highway and municipal infrastructure construction projects in China have been approved, and the policy orientation of achieving steady growth through increasing infrastructure investment has been further clarified

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