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Li Keqiang's "craftsman spirit" was selected into the top ten buzzwords in 2016

Li Keqiang's "craftsman spirit" was selected into the top ten buzzwords in 2016

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What if the horizontal tensile testing machine, spring fatigue testing machine and zigzag solid testing machine rust in December? More than 10 series of more than 200 products, such as machine testing machine and zigzag experimental machine, were published on the 14th, and "top 10 catchwords in 2016" were published by bite the words, among which "craftsman spirit" and "power of the wilderness", "supply side", "ge you lie", "blue thin, mushroom" and other words stood out from hundreds of candidates and were selected as the top 10 catchwords of the year

the jury also made the following analysis of the popularity of the word "craftsman spirit": on March 5, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang said in the "government work report" that enterprises are encouraged to carry out personalized customization and flexible production, and cultivate the "craftsman spirit" of excellence. The word "craftsman spirit" formed an oil film in the moving curved annulus and quickly became popular in the manufacturing industry

it's not just the "two sessions". Combing Li Keqiang's meetings, inspections and instructions over the past year, you will find that "craftsman spirit" has become a high-frequency word used by the premier

at the executive meeting of the State Council, which has always been regarded as a "policy vane", Li Keqiang deployed the standards and quality improvement of consumer goods twice, emphasizing the cultivation and promotion of the craftsman spirit of excellence. When inspecting the new factory of Dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy truck, Li Keqiang said that the quality revolution of "made in China" depends on the craftsman spirit of excellence and process innovation, and the key is to be customer-centered. When giving instructions to the Symposium on promoting the modernization of vocational education, Li Keqiang stressed the need to speed up the cultivation of a large number of high-quality workers and talents with professional skills and craftsmanship

the premier vigorously advocated the "craftsman spirit" to promote economic transformation and consumption upgrading. He stressed: "we should use the improvement of consumer goods quality standards to force the upgrading of the whole industrial chain of 'made in China'."

pushed by the premier, "craftsman spirit" has not only become a popular word in the north and south of the river, but also brought people's livelihood gifts that people can see and touch. In April this year, the State Council approved the release of the 2016 action plan for the implementation of the quality development outline, requiring in-depth quality improvement actions, focusing on consumer goods of general concern to the public, such as air purifiers, rice cookers, smart toilet covers, children's and infant clothing, to carry out special actions to improve the supply of consumer goods. In mid September, the State Council approved and issued the "consumer goods standards and quality improvement plan (2016-2020)", which deployed advanced standards to lead the quality improvement of consumer goods, forcing the transformation and upgrading of consumer goods equipment manufacturing industry

"we should not only improve industrial equipment and strengthen heavy chemicals, but also pay more attention to those small things that look 'fragmented', launch more marketable mass consumer goods, and stimulate the final demand of 'consumption'." Premier Li Keqiang's words revealed his intention to vigorously advocate the "craftsman spirit"

catchwords are like a country's "mantra", reflecting the changes in social and economic development. Once upon a time, "Shanzhai" and "parallel goods" became the topic of street talk. Nowadays, "craftsman spirit" has become a hot topic among young people. The niche documentary "I'm building cultural relics in the Forbidden City" has become an unexpected hit. Many analysts believe that this is the "craftsman spirit" that meets urban young people like confidants. Hundreds of millions of e-commerce platforms have also launched the "made in China" channel to monopolize quality domestic products that embody the "craftsman spirit"

the reason why Premier Li Keqiang attaches so much importance to the "craftsman spirit" is to promote "made in China" to complete a "quality revolution" and ensure that China's economy maintains a medium high speed and moves towards the medium and high end

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