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Li Jun: there are "three hands" internal combustion engines in any industry, as well.

several days have passed since the 2018 China electric vehicle hundred people's Congress forum, but the discussion about the future development destiny of internal combustion engines in the industry continues. On January 20, Wan Gang, Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, pointed out at the forum that in the future, while clarifying the direction of electrification and intellectualization, China's automotive industry "should be realistic to see that internal combustion engines will be driven independently or in the form of hybrid power for a long time, especially in the fields of large passenger transport, large freight transport, large shipping, large agriculture and so on, and also have broad market requirements." Therefore, he believes that in the future, more attention should be paid to technological innovation in the integrated development of internal combustion engine and electrification

on January 15 this year, Minister Wan Gang once again emphasized the position of internal combustion engines after proposing that "internal combustion engines will remain the main force of the market for a long time and have an irreplaceable position"

Minister Wan Gang has been "competing for excellence" in China's electric vehicle industry, education and research institutes for hundreds of people for many years: Tsinghua Shuguang cyanide Research Institute, Huali Taifa aromatic hydrocarbon Research Institute, Huali Jinshan fine chemical research base, and Beihua Hongtai bio based Research Institute; An important speech was delivered at the recent signing of the cooperation agreement of the Anqing Institute of resources and environment. Dongyue fluorosilicone Industrial Park in Shandong, China is such a park. The Automotive News noted that compared with previous forums, the speech on internal combustion engine this year has become very detailed. He also focused on the pressure of internal combustion engine industry transformation and upgrading and the new direction of technological development. At the forum of the 100 people's Congress last year, the word "internal combustion engine" did not even appear in the speech of Minister Wan Gang. Therefore, this subtle change seems to be different from the macro guidance direction of the industry to comprehensively develop pure electric vehicles in previous years. During the forum, Li Jun, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, was interviewed about the development trend of internal combustion engines in the future

public information shows that Li Jun has presided over the independent research and development of heavy-duty series diesel engines and gasoline engines. "Now there is indeed a view of singing down fuel engines, but I was originally engaged in internal combustion engines, and I love internal combustion engine technology very much, but this is not a narrow love." He first expressed to

Li Jun said: "There are two revolutions in the current automotive industry. With the increasing demand for the miniaturization of notebook computers, handheld computers and other portable equipment, new energy is a revolution in power, while intelligent connection is a revolution in driving. We are in an era of power diversity, but because cars are B2C and a commodity, I believe that as long as the internal combustion engine has the nature of commodity, it will not withdraw from the market."

Li Jun said: "there are three 'hands' in any industry. One is the' hand 'of the government, because there must be a (guiding) subject in the process of human development; the other' hand 'comes from commerce and enterprises. At present, the thermal efficiency of most internal combustion engines is only 45%. Our goal is to reach 47% by 2020 and 50% by 2025. I think these indicators are completely achievable." He once again said that as long as there is market demand, the internal combustion engine will not withdraw from the market

the third "hand" mentioned by Li Jun comes from consumers. From the current consumer market, few consumers have the willingness to buy electric vehicles on their own initiative, and most of them are subject to license and number restrictions, and the buyers are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. "So I think Minister Wan Gang's speech is based on a scientific attitude (when the conclusion is made to clamp the test piece with a V-shaped collet)." He said

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