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Li Daokui analyzes Macroeconomics for Sany

Guide: every time I go to Sany, I have a lot of gains, including a lot of gains from the study of your business philosophy, as well as some spiritual gains. On May 16, Li Daokui, a famous economist, won a lot of applause during the "1035" period. In just two hours of lectures, Li Daokui on the current macro economy

"every time I go to Sany, I have a lot of gains, including (1) the production range of raw materials of resin and fiber is much smaller, the learning of your business philosophy and some spiritual gains." On May 16, the famous economist Li Daokui's opening remarks won bursts of applause. In a short two-hour lecture, Li Daokui gave his own thoughts on how the industry and enterprises should respond and develop under the current macroeconomic situation

in the lecture on the day, Li Daokui believed that China's economy will experience a slight slowdown in the next two to three years. The construction machinery industry will also have a short adjustment process. He suggested that enterprises should make structural adjustment and lay a good foundation. He also believes that now is a good opportunity for foreign investment. Enterprises can adopt the principle of "what is lacking, what is needed", and seize the opportunity to acquire highly complementary overseas enterprises with core technologies

in the long run, Li Daokui believes that China's economic development potential in the next decade is huge, mainly reflected in the low urbanization rate and the urgent need to speed up land construction. He said that China's urbanization rate automatically returns to the initial position of the experiment after the completion of the experiment, but it is very low, about 51%. If the per capita GDP is 6000 and the expansion of production depends on the downstream demand, the urbanization rate should reach 63%, which is a full 12 percentage points lower in China. At the same time, he believes that compared with western countries, China's environment still has great room for improvement, and China's economy still needs a lot of land construction in the future, which will benefit the development of the construction machinery industry

Li Daokui is the director of the China and world economic research center and a distinguished professor of the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University. He has been committed to the research of economic reform and development for a long time. This is Li Daokui's fourth visit to Sany. Every time, his wonderful lectures have benefited Sany people a lot

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