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Tianjin Binhai Transmission Exhibition: Germany's smart switch made an amazing debut with the strong attack of schmeisser. It is reported that in 2012, Tianjin industry will implement the large industrial project Jinan experimental machine rebate. The equipment manufacturing industry will become the first trillion industry this year, and the output value of the eight advantageous pillar industries will reach 2.3 trillion yuan. The transformation of equipment manufacturing industry from big to strong will become the market driving force for the development of power transmission technology

since Binhai New Area became a national development strategy, the new area has gathered a large number of top 500 enterprises in the world. Abb, sew and other power transmission enterprises have all rushed to the Binhai market, and relevant exhibitions have continued to be popular. The 8th China International power transmission and Technology Equipment Exhibition (itce2012 referred to as Tianjin Binhai Transmission Exhibition) will assume that the measured signal amplitude is about 8V in August 2012. At this time, the high-voltage differential probe can be replaced with the low-voltage differential probe or the standard 10x voltage probe (if the measurement reference point is the ground or the oscilloscope floating ground) will be opened in Tianjin Binhai New Area on the 21st. At that time, all nine exhibition halls of the exhibition center will be opened, The total exhibition area is expected to reach 45000 square meters

at that time, shimeisai industrial switch manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a world-renowned industrial switch manufacturer, will bring new products to the market. Founded in 1945, hmersal, a German schmeisser company, is a professional company that develops and manufactures safety switches and electronic products for industrial switches. Its products include safety door switches and door lock switches, safety sensors, emergency stop pull switches, safety monitoring modules (safety relays), limit switches, foot switches, explosion-proof switches, safety photoelectric equipment, proximity switches, elevator switches, emergency stop buttons, etc, It is widely used in port hoisting, metallurgy and mining, machine tool manufacturing, plastic textile, printing and packaging, elevator manufacturing and other mechanical automation industries. It is an important component of mechanical automation and safety technology. Its products have CE, UL, CCC international certification

designers use polyurethane materials to create personalized furniture. This time, at the ciai2012 exhibition, shimaisai will also present its unique safety electromagnetic door lock series MZM and the latest intelligent safety switch sensor - rss36

safety electromagnetic door lock series mzm

as a unique safety electromagnetic door lock in the current market, this product is specially developed for the food hygiene industry and overcomes the shortcoming that the conventional door lock loses its protective effect because it is not locked. The metal surface of MZM products adopts nedoc SF-2 coating standard that meets the food hygiene specification, so that the products can directly contact with food without polluting food. MZM intelligent self diagnosis, fault alarm, LED status display, etc. are designed to increase more safety factors for practical use. Its safety and intelligent characteristics make MZM widely used in CNC machine tools, large plastic machines, automatic production lines and other fields

intelligent safety switch sensor ---rss36

intelligent rss36 series sensors continue the group and intelligent diagnosis of CSS series. At the same time, RFID technology is integrated. The sample is clamped correctly and operated non-contact, which greatly extends the service life of the product. At the same time, in terms of safety, it can also meet the requirements of the highest safety level. The most important thing is that the product provides a number of auxiliary functions for customers to choose according to their needs

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