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Li Li of Tianjin evergreen won the title of "outstanding contribution entrepreneur" of the China Printing award

the fourth China Printing award award ceremony jointly hosted by the China printing and equipment industry association, the Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce, the Taiwan printing and machine materials industry association and the Macao printing industry chamber of Commerce was grandly held on the second day of the chinaprint2013 Exhibition on May 15. The award ceremony was held by government agencies More than 300 representatives from industry associations and participating enterprises witnessed this grand ceremony under slow and uniform loading

this time, the China Printing award was selected and awarded in the national printing industry to commend entrepreneurs who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry, to the development and innovation of industry technology, and to the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Ms. Li Li, chairman and general manager of Tianjin evergreen, won the title of outstanding entrepreneur and made a speech as the award-winning representative

chairman Li Li first thanked the association and the Organizing Committee for their trust and support. At the same time, she also introduced the recent development and future planning of EVA to the industry experts, leaders and customers present. Talking about the contribution of EVA to the industry, President Li made three points: first, it has added value and added additional efficiency for the healthy development of China's printing and packaging industry. The 18 years' development of EVA has provided a new choice for China's high-end post press equipment, saving a lot of money; Second, it has established confidence in the development of China's printing and packaging industry. EVA has continuously developed new products to meet the needs of the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry, and enhanced the confidence of printing and packaging enterprises for improving the efficiency of the industry; Third, provide strong support and development platform for various activities of the printing and packaging industry

at the end of the speech, chairman Li Li extended an invitation to the guests present to witness the development of EVA and talk about the future of the industry together

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