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Recently, on September 22 this year, the company decided to transfer 50% of the equity of Guizhou Jinchi Chemical Co., Ltd. held by Guizhou XD Power Co., Ltd. at a price of RMB 260million. After the acquisition, Jinchi company will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. According to the agreement on the initiator of Guizhou Jinchi Chemical Co., Ltd., China's aluminum door and window industry gradually maturing into a serpentine long-term management company, and the agreement on capital increase and share expansion of Guizhou Jinchi Chemical Co., Ltd., signed by Chitianhua and XD, the registered capital of Jinchi company is 1billion yuan, with each party accounting for 50% of the equity. According to the agreement, both parties shall each make a contribution of 500million yuan within one year after the establishment of Jinchi company. However, XD only made a contribution of 250million yuan, and 250million yuan has not yet been made

after negotiation, XD agreed to transfer 50% of the equity of Jinchi company to the company. The transfer price is determined as 260million yuan based on the capital contribution of 250million yuan and the capital occupation fee of 10million yuan by XD. Guizhou Jinchi Chemical Co., Ltd. is designed according to the production scale of 300000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 300000 tons of methanol and 520000 tons of urea

at the same time, Guizhou Chitianhua Paper Co., Ltd., a construction project of Guizhou Chitianhua Paper Co., Ltd., invested by the company with the raised capital of 180million yuan and the shareholding ratio of 27.07%, was successfully put into trial production in the early stage to confirm the applicability of materials to a certain process and terminal use. The total investment of the project is planned to be 3.118 billion yuan, including the construction of pulp and paper and raw material forest bases. The successful trial production of this 200000 ton/year pulp production line marks that the project is about to enter the payback stage and is expected to improve the profitability and competitiveness of the company

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