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The "double 11" is coming, and the building materials industry has listed its own copy. Of course, as one of the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows and the industry leader - Asian materials doors and windows, they also attach great importance to it

the double 11 is coming, and the building materials industry has listed their own copywriting. Of course, as one of the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the industry leader - asima doors and windows, they also attach great importance to this Ma Yun shopping campaign, especially JD's 100 deduction 300 yuan electronic voucher rush. The scene is also very popular, and our double 11 copywriting effect is inevitable

the following is an interesting copy of the double 11 festival of Yacai doors and windows

01 Aker series sliding door (Danish white)

"pushing is progress, pulling is cooperation, achieving your career and contacts", Yacai Aker sliding door, a classic description of the relationship between pushing and pulling, sublimating to the cause of human nature, and the relationship between people, is really wonderful

02 Aker series - side hung door (African sandy gold)

"open inward, open outward, and see the value as well." this text is a little human thinking. What value can you see when you open inward? What value can you see when you open it? Is home warm? Or is there a different scenery outside? Time all things have their own value

03 aesthetic series - hanging door (French champagne)

"the hanging wheel supports the sliding door, which has no threshold, and is more satisfactory". This text lets people know what the characteristics of the hanging door are, that is, "the hanging wheel supports the sliding door", and it is also a "threshold free" door. It is generous in beauty and looks very comfortable. It can also express things without threshold, which is generally easy for people to worry about and follow their own wishes

04 fashionable and simple - sunshine room

"the sunshine zone is warm, so is your house?" This is a space for marketing copywriting and sunshine room, which creates a harbor for people to inhabit their hearts, and releases a vision and beautiful attachment to freedom, relaxation and romantic life

sub material door and window products have various styles, complete categories and novel designs; And with its strong and durable, sound and heat insulation, super sealing and safety and many other excellent quality, positioning: high-end silent doors and windows, it takes sub aluminum profiles as raw materials, takes the world's top hardware brands "Paige" and "Haobo" as five accessories, uses 3C certified glass, and the elite design team led by mahtew Hans, the designer of Ulm Institute of design in Germany

Xiaobian will show you the wonderful copy of high-end silent doors and windows

1. To women and children in confinement

"just want to give babies and lovers a comfortable and peaceful copy", which is very picturesque. We can contact the importance of silent doors and windows to this kind of human body

(core tip: due to the popularity of various household appliances and the advent of audio toys, noise pollution in the family has increased. Infants and young children are in the stage of growth and development, and their body resistance is weak. They are particularly sensitive to noise, which is also harmful. Young parents should pay close attention to it to prevent noise from harming infants and young children.)

2. To my beloved wife

"when my heart is restless, how can it be naturally cool"? We often have a mantra "when my heart is quiet, how can it be naturally cool"? When the noise is serious, how can I be calm? It's another marketing for silent doors and windows

(tip: every woman has a heart for beauty. Adequate sleep is the secret weapon of beauties. Without a quiet and appropriate sleep, no amount of facial mask can fade the tired face. If you love her, create a quiet space for him.)

3. To elderly parents

parents are the towering trees in our minds. The noise outside the window makes parents toss and turn late at night. The noise, accompanied by the pointer sound of the clock late at night, constantly erodes their parents' spirit. Put on silent doors and windows, and give them a comfortable sleep and love. In fact, it is very simple. Greater filial piety is to put on silent doors and windows





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