The man was arrested for stealing jewelry and flee

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Having no money to decorate the new house, he sneaked into the jewelry store in the dead of night and ransacked the gold jewelry and jade components worth more than 400000 yuan. Recently, the people's Procuratorate of Jimei District approved the arrest of suspect Liu on suspicion of theft

At about 11:00 on October 16, when Liu was wandering in Jimei, he passed a jewelry store and looked at the dazzling jewelry in the store. He was so excited that he had the idea of stealing& ldquo; Recently, I bought a set of limited price commercial housing. I'm short of money for decoration. If only I could get some to sell& rdquo;

at about 1:00 a.m. the next day, Liu climbed up the tin roof of the store through a bamboo ladder found nearby, then cut a hole in the roof with his big scissors, and then lifted the ladder into the hole to enter the store. Worried that his theft process was caught by surveillance, Liu tried to remove the surveillance, but accidentally triggered the alarm. In a panic, Liu pulled off the line of the alarm, removed the hard disk of the computer host and put it into his satchel, and then quickly swept away the gold jewelry in the counter

the shopkeeper was woken up by a remote alarm late at night. Liu, who was stealing, was found through monitoring, and then called the police and rushed to the scene immediately. When Liu heard the movement at the door of the store, he immediately climbed out of the store along the ladder and jumped off the roof. However, Liu was caught by Jimei police on the way to escape. The police found hundreds of gold jewelry from his satchel. According to the owner's preliminary estimation, the stolen gold value reached more than 400000 yuan

according to the prosecutor handling the case, the suspect Liu secretly stole others' property for the purpose of illegal possession, and his behavior has been suspected of theft




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