Whether to use paint or wallpaper for wall decorat

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Whether to use paint or wallpaper for wall decoration depends on the actual demand

whether to use paint or wallpaper for wall decoration depends on the actual demand

wall paint (emulsion paint) and wallpaper are the necessary building materials for the last process of home decoration wall engineering. Now there are various kinds of wall paint and wallpaper on the market, which often makes owners don't know how to start. A few days ago, the reporter interviewed some experts in wall decoration materials in Nanjing. They believed that wall paint and wallpaper have their own merits, and the owners should consider them according to their actual use needs


an expert in decoration believes that wall paint is a chemical product and wallpaper is a craft work. The use of wall paint itself does not involve aesthetics. The use of wallpaper requires not only aesthetics, but also outstanding personality and overall harmony. The popularity of wall paint makes it easy for owners. For a long time, Nanjing people tend to use a single white when painting the wall, and they will not repaint it after staying for many years. Wallpaper has strong personalization, and the consumer group is becoming younger and younger. Pasting wallpaper can reflect the warmth of home and decorate with the charm of western style. If you use wall paint, this effect will be inadequate

environmental protection

professionals pointed out that the antibacterial property of wall paint is stronger than that of wallpaper. It is difficult to repair the wallpaper affected by the humidity of the wall. If the wall surface is moldy, you can brush the wall paint as long as the water barrier is done well. In addition, the wall paint is composed of primer and finish, so it is environmentally friendly in terms of composition. Of course, many low-quality wall paint on the market once on the wall, the strong taste will not disappear for a long time, and it is also the "invisible killer" of home. Adhesive must be used in the construction of wallpaper, and the formaldehyde in the adhesive is difficult to release behind the wallpaper. In addition, many patterns of wallpaper can only be made by painting lines for printing. In this process, some substances such as formaldehyde containing ink will be added


the wallpaper sold in Nanjing market at present can be pasted with 5 square meters per roll, and one roll is about 300-500 yuan, that is to say, pasted with 100 square meters of walls (including standby), and the cost of wallpaper is close to 1. 50000 yuan. Similarly, the best emulsion paint on the market will not exceed 5000 yuan for 100 square meters of walls. However, insiders remind consumers that the price of wall paint varies widely. Low grade latex paint is only 5 yuan/kg, medium-grade paint is 10-30 yuan/kg, and high-grade paint is more than 50 yuan/kg. The art of wall paint production is complex, so there are low-grade goods that fake famous brand products. Consumers should be wary of buying fake goods. Latex paint less than 5 yuan/kg is mostly fake





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