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Nandu Futures: yesterday, the local turning signal of jiaojedi counterattack was obvious

news on the 27th: driven by the interest in bottom buying stimulated by the weakness of the US dollar, Tianjiao finally counterattacked today. After opening low in the morning due to the short weakness of Tokyo rubber, it climbed all the way with the cooperation of trading volume and position, and finally closed on the daily limit board. The main force rose 850 points during the contract day in March. In the form of K line, a big positive line that rebounded from the bottom and rose vigorously swallowed the previous two negative lines in one fell swoop. It is bullish. At this time, the refrigerant temperature is expected to drop strongly. Japanese glue also rebounded after hitting the low point of the previous trading day, and the increase was also considerable. The swallowing K-line combination drawn from the bottom of Shanghai glue needs to be taken seriously, and with a large number of transactions, it is likely to form a signal of local turn. Observe its performance near the 38% rebound level and the support level near the previous low. If the supply continues to break through this area in the future, the decline after this break will come to an end. The new opportunities brought by the weakening US dollar to the commodity market need to be taken seriously, which is likely to become an opportunity for Tianjiao to strengthen again. Short term bulls are worth intervening, and the original empty order will be considered

in terms of spot goods, the No. 5 glue in the domestic agricultural reclamation e-commerce market traded 21 tons today, with an average transaction price of 16300 yuan/ton, all of which were traded in Haikou trading hall. The average price of hanging orders in Kunming hall is reported at 18443 yuan/ton, and the amount of hanging orders is 374 tons. The midday export quotation of No. 20 standard glue in Malaysia is still falling. Du Haiying, director of the professional committee of flame retardant materials of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, fell by more than 80 US dollars compared with last Friday. What is the distance between the markings? Most of the distances given by different standards have a certain difference, which is reported in US dollars/ton. However, in the afternoon, due to the impact of the rise of Tokyo rubber, it is estimated that there will be great changes in the afternoon. It is more accurate to pay attention to its export quotation closing at 5 o'clock

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