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Green printing exploration: printing enterprises adjust production to promote transformation and upgrading

at the 2013 Beijing green printing industry promotion business exchange conference and publishing and printing innovation forum held on November 28, publishing houses and printing enterprises gathered together to discuss the future development of green printing, how to treat the cost pressure brought by the implementation of green printing, and how to better promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

Qin Jianli, the director of Beijing tianyuxing printing factory at the forum, introduced that the tianyuxing printing factory is not large, but it is the first batch of enterprises to pass the green printing certification, and counted the cost investment brought by green printing to tianyuxing, including waste infrastructure transformation, sewage treatment transformation, green printing consumables cost increase, etc. if you need to continue to do experiments after printing, press the reset key to restore the system to the power on state. She admitted that this would undoubtedly increase the cost of tianyuxing, which has a relatively poor foundation, and this investment can not be consumed. However, Qin Jianli believes that only by strengthening the understanding of green printing, raising awareness and correcting attitude can we truly benefit future generations. In her view, this is the real harvest of green printing

Li Yanqiu, general manager of Beijing Shengtong Printing Co., Ltd., said that due to overseas orders, Shengtong began to carry out third-party certification of relevant international standards in 2004, including environment, health, safety and other aspects. Through this certification, Shengtong realized that the infrastructure construction of hardware is very important, so when building the second plant in 2007, it fully considered the hardware construction. This laid the foundation for green printing. Green printing makes Shengtong no longer simply consider the improvement of machine operation efficiency, but also consider the power consumption per unit output and the energy consumed manually. By controlling these factors, we can reduce costs and emissions. The cleaner production launched by Shengtong on October 30 has allowed it to use more plastic than the total amount of food packaging materials in terms of consumption reduction, energy conservation, emission reduction and efficiency enhancement. For example, the equipment used for bellows detection will be equipped with a 50% inner diameter measuring device to explore the possibility of lean production. Looking back on the ten years of implementing green printing, Shengtong has deeply explored the green possibilities of printing enterprises and promoted its own transformation and upgrading

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