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The green printing project won the Beijing Science and technology award

on February 21, 2013, the Beijing Science and technology award conference was held in the Beijing International Hotel Conference Center. 184 projects won the 2012 experimental itinerary, and the Beijing Science 174 wallpaper technology award can be determined as needed, of which more than half are strategic emerging industry projects

Wang Anshun, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party committee and mayor, mentioned in his speech that in recent years, the capital's scientific and technological innovation capacity has significantly improved, and a number of major innovative achievements have emerged in the areas of ultra large scale integrated circuits, satellite navigation applications, green printing, high-speed solid-state storage, etc. in 2012, the number of invention patents authorized in Beijing reached 2140, and the turnover of technology contracts reached 34% higher than the same period in 2017 (4) 8% 245.85 billion yuan, It is 4.2 times and 2.8 times that of 2007 respectively

Wang Anshun pointed out that Beijing should further strengthen the dominant position of technological innovation of enterprises, which is still in an important strategic opportunity period of development, promote the construction of Zhongguancun demonstration area, and form a good fashion of advocating science, respecting knowledge and respecting creation

according to the decision of the 2012 Beijing Science and technology award, 27 projects including intelligent robot technology with complex environment perception and learning ability and high-precision operation won the first prize, 53 projects including the safety theory and control method of vehicle human-computer interaction based on driving behavior won the second prize, and 104 projects including walking into the Qingming River map won the third prize. Among them, 129 projects were completed with the financial support of the state, ministries and commissions and Beijing governments at all levels, accounting for 70% of the total

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