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According to the overall strategic plan of the state for green printing, the implementation of green printing in China will enter the stage of comprehensive promotion in the coming 2014, which is a key node of green printing and packaging work: the green printing system will be basically established, the green printing standards will be greatly improved, and a number of backward technologies, processes The production capacity will be washed out. The development of the extruder industry still has a large market space. Green printing basically covers all product categories of printing. Green printing will become the common choice of printing enterprises and the whole society. Green printing enterprises. The number and market scale of China's automotive power batteries, mainly nickel hydrogen batteries and lithium-ion batteries, will increase significantly. Actively developing, promoting and implementing green printing will become the basic consensus of the printing industry, Green printing will usher in greater development space. Vigorously developing green printing and green packaging is the essential requirement of developing circular economy and a powerful measure to establish a resource-saving society and promote the harmonious development of man and nature. The packaging and printing industry should understand it from a strategic height, grasp the importance and urgency of packaging and printing and environmental protection development of circular economy with an overall perspective, and further enhance their consciousness and sense of responsibility. At present, with the step-by-step promotion of green packaging, there are many aspects about the various standards and sampling methods of samples that are actually unknown, and many enterprises have begun to develop in the direction of green environmental protection. It can be said that green packaging is the inevitable choice of the times and the development trend of the future packaging industry

therefore, during August October 2013, the national green printing activity will be grandly kicked off this year. The national tour of green printing was initiated and organized by China Printing Technology Association and the environmental development center of the Ministry of environmental protection, and organized by China Printing magazine. The publicity group was composed of green printing experts and enterprises. The members were experts and enterprises who knew national policies and mastered the cutting-edge technology of green printing in the related fields of self printing and environmental protection industry. The lecture tour will be conducted from the perspectives of macro policies, industry trends, industrial economy, green printing and enterprise management, green printing certification and other hot spots concerned by the industry. It is an activity close to the grass-roots level and the actual needs of enterprises. Combined with the practical problems in the implementation of green printing by the majority of printing enterprises, this activity will launch a targeted recent training and explanation, which will set off another upsurge of green printing across the country

this year, five green printing activities were held across the country, and the sites were located in five key areas of printing and packaging industry in Guangdong, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Gansu and Zhejiang. The Guangdong stop will be held in Houjie, Dongguan on August 21 at the same time as the 2013 China International color box exhibition. Given that Guangdong is also the industrial base of China's packaging industry, the publicity theme of Guangdong station will focus on the development of green packaging. Reed Exhibitions group, the organizer of China International color box exhibition, will be the co organizer of this conference to jointly hold this green packaging development summit forum. The conference aims to convey the green printing and packaging policy, publicize the green packaging and printing standards, popularize the knowledge of green packaging and printing, and make the concept of green packaging and printing deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the same time, through the publicity and promotion of new green energy-saving technologies, the organizers of the conference urged enterprises to eliminate traditional equipment with high energy consumption and low efficiency, and adopt new green environmental protection technologies, materials and processes to improve management level, improve efficiency, and promote the transformation and development of the industry. At the meeting, industry leaders and experts will communicate and interact with professionals at the meeting to understand the problems and needs of grass-roots enterprises, build communication channels between the government and enterprises, provide suggestions for the formulation of relevant policies, and answer the problems and doubts of enterprises in the certification process

at that time, caohongsui, former deputy director of the printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of publishing; Zhang shuangru, executive vice president of China Printing Technology Association; Qu Desen, vice president and Secretary General of China Printing Technology Association; Chen Yingxin, Deputy Secretary General of China Printing Technology Association; Gongrencouple, President of flexo printing branch of China Association of Indian printing; Zheng Jiangli, deputy director of the technical committee of the central joint certification center; Li Jiang, general manager of Beijing Huari environmental new technology development company; Cai Shangpei, head of the new standard group of the Audit Department of the central joint certification center, and others will attend the event in person. On the day of the event, the organizer also arranged wonderful activities such as keynote speeches, technical exchanges, standard publicity and implementation, certification training, on-site Q & A, expert comments, business dinner, lucky draw and so on

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