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The Ministry of environmental protection disclosed yesterday that the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national certification and Accreditation Administration jointly issued the notice on the implementation of green printing of bills and tickets, requiring that by the end of the 12th Five year plan period, tax invoices, fiscal bills, customs documents, bank bills and other bills and tickets purchased by the government will basically be green printed. Analysts believe that this policy will greatly improve the enthusiasm of print suppliers to use new technologies, and green printing concept stocks will benefit

Beijing Times Zuo Weina

□ policy

government bills will be green

the notice requires that all regions should guide bill and ticket printing enterprises to implement green printing from 2014. Qualified regions and enterprises should take the lead in carrying out green printing pilot projects for government purchased bill and ticket printing; Encourage and guide backbone bill and ticket printing enterprises to meet the green printing standards of bills and tickets by voluntarily applying for third-party certification or self declaration; Continuously strengthen the quality inspection of green printing of bills and tickets. To 3 At the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, the tax invoices, fiscal bills, customs bills, bank bills and other bills purchased by the government have basically achieved green printing; Guide and encourage other types of bills and tickets to gradually realize green printing. The inspection system, certification system and self declaration system for green printing of bills and tickets have been basically established, and a number of backward bill and ticket printing capacity have been eliminated

previously, the main way to realize green printing of lithographic products was environmental label product certification (i.e. green certification), while this time, on the basis of expanding certification institutions, green printing of bills and tickets added a new way called self declaration

□ investigation

many companies are involved in the green printing industry

at present, many A-share listed companies are involved in green printing and electronic invoice business

as the pioneer and leader of China's pre coating industry, kangdexin's digital pre coating project is one of the ten major projects of the State Administration of publishing, radio, film and television's digital printing and printing digitalization project and green printing project, and has obtained the special policy guidance fund support of the national development and Reform Commission. Kangdexin has applied for 57 pre coating patents, far ahead of its peers

Donggang Co., Ltd. participated in the pilot work of the application of electronic invoices in Beijing. As a representative of high-tech printing, Changjiang Runfa previously invested in the establishment of Jiangsu Zhongke Runfa company, which focuses on the research and development, pilot test and industrialization of nano printing technology. In addition, Hongbo shares, Annie shares and other companies are also involved in printing, electronic invoices and other businesses

affected by the above news, green printing concept stocks performed well, with Hongbo shares up 6.68%, Annie shares up 4.11%, kangdexin shares up 2.51%, Donggang shares 6. Prevent high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive media, water and other immersion into the machine; Shares rose 1.95%, and Changjiang RT Mart rose 0.38%

□ analysis

improve the enthusiasm of using pre coating

although renewable resources of Datong securities have many advantages, analyst Zhang Jiyong analyzed that the total output value of China's printing industry reached 950billion yuan last year, ranking second in the world. Although the printing industry is not a major contributor to environmental pollution, solvent volatilization will also cause pollution. This time, the Ministry of environmental protection issued a document stressing that the field of bills and tickets will greatly promote the enthusiasm of print suppliers to use pre coating. In the increasingly environment-friendly government procurement and international trade competition, the market competitiveness of products with environmental labels will be greatly improved

lizhigang, an analyst at Beijing best investment securities, believes that the number of invoices in China is huge, and electronic invoices are in the initial stage. This news further clarifies the national policy orientation, and electronic invoices will enter the stage of wide application

□ tips

some stocks need to be cautious at high positions

Zhang Jiyong believes that kangdexin, which took the lead in adopting pre coating technology in the field of bill printing, will fully benefit from the above policies; In addition, companies mainly engaged in data business printing and electronic invoice can also focus on. At the same time, it should also be noted that the paperless lottery market has been fully hyped in the early market recently, and some stocks in the printing industry have been at a high level after the concept hype. We should be cautious after the introduction of this good news. Investors can also pay attention to the corresponding electronic invoice system developers and bill printers

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