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Green printing guides China's printing industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading

it is reported that from 2012 to 2013, China will build a green printing framework in the printing industry, successively formulate and publish relevant green printing standards, issue relevant supporting policies for green printing, and basically achieve the full coverage of green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks. From 2014 to 2015, green printing basically covered the categories of printing products, striving to make the number of green printing enterprises account for 30% of the total number of printing enterprises in China, eliminate a number of backward printing processes, technologies and production capacity, and guide China's printing industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading

it was learned from the green printing promotion meeting jointly held by the General Administration of publishing and the Ministry of environmental protection that China will implement green printing, help large and medium-sized excellent environmental printing enterprises, restrict and eliminate small workshop type low-quality and low-quality enterprises with serious pollution, and accelerate the transformation of China's printing industry from a large printing country to a powerful printing country. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the first week of November each year is designated as the green printing publicity week

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according to the printing and distribution administration of the General Administration of publishing, the company followed the direction pointed out by GE Honglin. The relevant person in charge of the Division said that green printing refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes, the printing process produces less pollution, saves resources and energy, and the printed matter is easy to be recycled and recycled after being discarded, which can be naturally degraded, and has little impact on the ecological environment.

it is understood that at present, 100000 home prints have been formed in China Brush enterprises, with 3.7 million employees, are large industries with an annual total output value of 770 billion yuan, but there are not many large enterprises and enterprise groups with advanced technology, and small and medium-sized enterprises are still the main body. As many printing enterprises follow the traditional printing process, there are still some environmental problems caused by organic solvent volatilization and wastewater discharge in some production links

printing products directly related to the health and safety of the broad masses of the people, especially teenagers, pay insufficient attention to their environmental protection and safety, and lack effective management and supervision, which need to be highly vigilant and solved. The person in charge said

at the conference, the General Administration of publication and the Ministry of environmental protection issued the "green printing manual" and read out the "announcement on the implementation of green printing". The announcement clarified the guiding ideology, scope and objectives, organization and management, green printing standards for the implementation of green printing. After more than five years of efforts, green printing certification, work arrangements and supporting safeguard measures, it made a comprehensive deployment to promote the implementation of green printing, And issued certification certificates to 60 printing enterprises, including Zhongqing printing factory, which were among the first batch of printing enterprises to obtain green printing certification in China. In 2011, regions and enterprises with conditions will take the lead in carrying out green printing pilot projects for printed materials in close contact with teenagers and children, especially primary and secondary school textbooks, and encourage backbone printing enterprises to actively apply for green printing certification

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