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"Green printing" breeds business opportunities

in the past, printer consumables were always thrown aside after use, and both manufacturers and users ignored its reuse, which virtually classified it into the ranks of "disposable consumer goods". But the consequences of a single use of consumables, I'm afraid not everyone can be soberly aware of the wide range of rubber fatigue testing machine measurement. Let's take a look at such a set of figures: the net increase of all kinds of printers in China is at a rate of 25%, and the annual production of solid waste is more than 200000 cubic meters, up to 1million tons, which can be filled with 3000 trains. These waste industrial rubber materials will remain intact after being buried underground for 1000 years, and their material properties will not change with the passage of time

in fact, recycling printer consumables has become an urgent problem in front of people. In foreign countries, many printer companies have started the global recycling of printing consumables since the early 1990s. The recycling or recycling industry has developed into a professional and systematic industry with the improvement of technical level in many European and American countries. In the United States, for example, there are more than 6000 institutions that recycle toner cartridges nationwide, which can successfully recycle multiple toner cartridges every year, reducing as much as 38000 tons of plastic and other waste

from the unconsciousness in the 1970s to the gradual strengthening of environmental law enforcement since the 1990s, China's understanding of environmental protection has experienced a process of gradual deepening. Among them, the embodiment of manufacturers' advanced awareness of environmental protection and the change of consumers' consumption concept are the most critical factors. Domestic consumable manufacturers have been actively promoting the environmental protection campaign of consumable products. Tianwei printer consumables factory, as one of the first manufacturers to participate in the R & D and manufacturing of general consumables, has been committed to the R & D and production of filled ink cartridges and recycled ink cartridges since the 1990s, and has always carried out the R & D of environmental friendly general consumables and the concept of "green printing": purchase renewable materials as much as possible in material selection; In the production process, we try our best to reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment and maintain the ecological balance; All product packages are made of recycled paper and printed with the "recycle le" logo to remind users to recycle; All plastic parts are made of recyclable materials such as PP and ABS to ensure that waste products can be easily recycled

from 1993 to 1998, the average annual growth of filling ink (black) in the European market was 52.9%, and the growth of color ink also reached 40%; The sales of recycled toner cartridges in the United States account for 67.3% of the total market share, which is much larger than that of original toner cartridges and needle punched ribbon cartridges. The ribbon core is usually replaced 10 times, and the ink-jet cartridge is reused 5 times, with a reuse rate of 40% - 50%, while at present, it is less than 10% in China, which has a huge market space and development potential. In addition, according to the recycling records of Tianwei in the first half of 1998, the reuse rate of the main accessories of the toner box reached more than 80%; The reuse rate of the shell made of non decomposable materials can reach 90% or even higher

relevant insiders pointed out that the ways to protect the environment and reduce waste consumables can be roughly divided into two categories: one is recycling, the other is recycling. Although they have the same environmental protection goals, they are not the same. The usual method of recycling is to destroy the discarded consumables first, such as returning the consumables to the furnace to form a new industrial rubber, and then use it for reproduction; Recycling is to take out the parts of waste consumables, inspect or renovate them and reassemble them to form commodities for use again. Compared with the two, there is no doubt that remanufacturing is much better than any form of recycling. It is a reasonable and cost-effective method to obtain the highest value from parts and components, and it is the best way to protect the environment and reduce waste

the recovery of China's consumables recycling and international market has just risen, and many manufacturers and dealers are also taking positive actions. It is noteworthy that in this regard, Tianwei is ahead of the industry; Following the ISO9002 certification in 1996 and the ISO9001 certification in 1998, Tianwei passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification in 2000, becoming the first enterprise in the same industry in China to pass the certification. So far, Tianwei has launched a series of environmental protection consumables products through its national general agent Zhuhai Fanling Trading Co., Ltd., and has made efforts to reflect environmental awareness and advocate "green printing" by recycling old products and other means

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