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Green printing certification presents four development trends

in addition to the production environment, raw materials for printing, such as paper, ink and adhesives for post press processing, are important testing items in green printing certification

the General Administration of publishing, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of environmental protection recently jointly issued the "notice on the implementation of green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), which clarified the timetable and listed specific division steps for the implementation of green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks. At present, there are 103 printing enterprises that have passed the certification of green printing environmental label products in China. With the certification work from laying the foundation to actually advancing, the number of enterprises obtaining certification qualifications is increasing, and green printing certification also presents four major development trends of gradually deepening green concepts, green standards, types of certified products and auxiliary service capabilities

trend one: green awareness is strengthening

Gai Zhengxi, head of the quality inspection station of Hebei Publishing Bureau, said in an interview with China publishing news that the industry's understanding of green printing certification is gradually deepening with the promotion of certification work. At the beginning of green certification, some printing enterprises were afraid of difficulties and thought that this was a task that had to be completed. The strong advocacy of the government for green printing made enterprises gradually realize the benefits of green printing to their competitiveness, sustainable development of the industry and environmental protection, and changed from passive green printing certification to active declaration

gaizheng Xifeng interestingly compares that in the 1990s, many domestic teahouses closed down one after another due to menkoruo, but now they are blooming everywhere. The improvement of people's consumption level and consciousness has cultivated this market, and so is green printing. It is also necessary to cultivate the green consciousness of publishing houses, printing houses and readers in each link of the industrial chain. Since the implementation of green printing certification in 2010, green has become the consensus of most printing enterprises in the printing industry for development for more than a year

in an interview with China publishing news, Zhang shuangru, executive vice president of China Printing Technology Association, said that green printing certification belongs to environmental label product certification, which mainly aims at the production environment and production process of printing enterprises to formulate green standards, and conduct batch sampling inspection of products produced by production lines that meet the green printing certification standards. This standard belongs to the standard issued by the composite departments, not only the printing industry, but also the Ministry of environmental protection, which is a service environmental standard. It is different from general service industry standards and simple product certification standards in other industries. For such a new topic at present, the understanding of it is also a process of crossing the river by feeling the stone

trend 2 the number of certification standards has increased

it is understood that there is only one current green printing standard, that is, the lithography green printing standard, and other green printing standards have not yet been issued. Therefore, at present, only printing enterprises that adopt lithography production can be qualified for green printing certification, and enterprises under other printing methods cannot be included in the assessment scope of green printing certification

Zhang shuangru also believes that among the enterprises participating in the certification at present, there are also rich printing varieties, and even some enterprises not only print publications, but also do packaging and printing business. When such comprehensive printing enterprises apply for green printing qualification certification, the current method is to take part in the certification of lithography production lines

taking the certified enterprises in Beijing as an example, Lu Peng, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Printing Association, introduced to China Press that among the first batch of 60 printing enterprises that passed the certification, 9 in Beijing and 6 in the second batch. The products declared by these enterprises are lithographic printing products with and without glue binding

therefore, the future green development of the industry urgently needs the introduction of green standards for more printing methods, which plays a vital role in promoting the further promotion of green printing. In an interview with caohongsui, deputy director of the printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of publication, it was also learned that the gravure green printing standard and the commercial paper green printing standard will also be introduced in the second half of the year. At that time, many people will basically choose domestic electromechanical products to cover the mainstream production process

according to Zhang shuangru, the introduction of these two standards will achieve the goal of fully realizing the green printing of enterprises engaged in commercial paper at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, and the gravure green printing standard will also promote the implementation of green printing by food and drug packaging enterprises. The leading lithographic printing enterprises drive the commercial paper and gravure printing enterprises, enhance the enthusiasm of enterprise certification through the demonstration effect, and constantly expand the printing enterprise team that has obtained the green certification qualification

trend 3: green products are gradually increasing

with the gradual introduction of standards, as a benchmark, the number of green prints that can be detected will gradually increase. In view of the misunderstanding of some people, it is not that the supply of base paper is in short supply, but the products are not necessarily environmentally friendly. Lu Peng, who is mainly responsible for promoting the certification of green printing in Beijing as a local association, believes that the current lithographic green printing standards not only include environmental requirements, but also include key requirements for raw and auxiliary materials such as paper, ink, fountain solution, car washing water, etc. Only by meeting various indicators can we obtain certification qualification. Therefore, it is not objective to say that certification is separated from products

Lu Peng pointed out that although the certification qualification issued is issued to printing enterprises, not to a book, the green printing and China environmental logo (hereinafter referred to as the ten ring logo) supporting the certification correspond to the book. It is understood that at present, the ten ring logo has not been widely used in printing enterprises, but it will generally appear in every book that meets the certification conditions in the future. In this "notice", it is clearly pointed out that the back cover of primary and secondary school textbooks that will implement green printing in the future should be printed with China's environmental logo. The use of the ten ring logo will turn green printing from corporate behavior and government regulation into a visible purchasing standard for consumers when purchasing prints

trend 4 certification services are gradually deepening

enterprises' enthusiasm to participate in green certification is increasing, and the number of certified enterprises is increasing. Higher and higher requirements are put forward for the supporting certification services, and the service capacity is also gradually deepening, especially the testing service capacity of certification is significantly enhanced. It is understood that at the beginning of the implementation of green certification, the testing of printed products requires an organization certified by the Ministry of environmental protection to ensure that there is almost no quality difference between batches of products manufactured in different countries and at different times. With the increase of testing demand, the testing force of the quality inspection center of the General Administration of publishing and the testing sub centers around the country is greatly strengthened, and we have gradually obtained the testing qualification

Zhang shuangru introduced that at present, the testing services supporting green printing have been gradually improved to meet the requirements of green printing standards, and the quality testing ability of green printing products in many provinces has reached the requirements of the Ministry of environmental protection. The testing site, the use of instruments and the quality of testing personnel are gradually improving. It is also learned that at present, local quality inspection institutions in many provinces (districts and cities) are strengthening their construction to strive for national recognized green printing inspection qualification. Green printing certification enables enterprises to cultivate their internal skills and wear green clothes. The service procedures and specific work of service institutions are also gradually deepening, which provides strong support for China to achieve the goal of 30% of printing enterprises passing green certification at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan

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