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Green "the Belt and Road" construction: the green silk road messenger plan is being implemented. Release date: Source: environmental protection recently, the party secretary of the foreign cooperation and exchange center of the Ministry of ecological environment counted the joint construction and sharing achievements of the green "the Belt and Road"

"the international community highly appreciates China's climate commitment and believes that it will have a positive impact on the global response to climate change, help drive clean energy investment in the the Belt and Road, and help developing countries embark on a low-carbon path"

"since 2013, the Chinese government has issued a series of policy documents to strengthen the ecological environment protection of the the Belt and Road"

"The the Belt and Road green development international alliance jointly initiated by the Ministry of ecological environment and Chinese and foreign partners has more than 150 partners from more than 40 countries"

"the Ministry of ecological environment is implementing the green silk road messenger program, and has trained more than 2000 environmental officials, researchers and technicians from more than 120 countries"

"The 'the Belt and Road' ecological and environmental protection big data service platform has integrated national basic data, regulations and standards, environmental policies, technology industries, case studies and other contents of more than 30 countries, and collected more than 200 index data from 30 internationally authoritative public platforms, involving more than 190 countries and regions around the world"

"as of September 2020, the" the Belt and Road "green investment principles has 37 signing institutions and 12 supporting institutions"

"According to the data released by the American Enterprise Public Policy Institute (AEI), in the first half of 2020, China's renewable energy investment in the 'the Belt and Road' countries accounted for more than fossil energy"

"the Chinese government proposed 'new infrastructure construction', 'China's carbon neutrality commitment' and other green and low-carbon development measures in the post epidemic economic recovery stage"

the Beijing summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in 2018 stressed the need to integrate the important concepts and practical achievements of China's ecological civilization construction into the construction of the "the Belt and Road", and to build the "the Belt and Road" into a green road

in recent years, China has firmly adhered to the concept that the green road is the inevitable choice for high-quality development, and has also vigorously promoted the transformation in the construction of the "the Belt and Road". Aluminum processing enterprises such as Chinalco, Zhongwang, jungle, south south, Jinqiao have brought their latest product cooperation in the field of automotive lightweight, adhered to the construction of a green development road, and promoted the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in the world

the second "the Belt and Road" International Cooperation summit forum pointed out that promoting the "the Belt and Road outstanding value is about the chamfer value" cooperation to achieve high-quality development needs a green background. The "the Belt and Road" initiative originated in China, but the results must belong to the world

in order to show more clearly the beneficial attempts made by the countries jointly building the "the Belt and Road" in cooperating to promote green development, in 2019, the "the Belt and Road" green development international alliance also jointly released the "the Belt and Road" green development case study report "with the Boao Forum for Asia

the report selects 13 green development cases from different regions, 10 countries and industries to share from six aspects of green development, including pollution control, ecosystem management and protection, green energy, green production, green life and green finance

on September 10, 2020, the "the Belt and Road" green development international alliance held a coordination meeting between the alliance's flagship report, the "the Belt and Road" green development report, and the work of thematic partnerships. The meeting expressed the hope to capture more experience of green development through the flagship report and promote it to the world. It was also clear at the meeting that the international community is highly concerned about and expects the "the Belt and Road" to play an important role in leading the global green recovery

the "the Belt and Road" green development report aims to evaluate the achievements and challenges of national green development jointly built by the "the Belt and Road", and put forward policy suggestions to promote the construction of the green "the Belt and Road" by combing the global green development cooperation and innovation mechanism, "the Belt and Road" green development cases, etc

the "the Belt and Road" green investment principle mentioned above is also an important path to accelerate cooperation and development

at the third meeting of the China UK Green Finance Working Group in 2018, the green finance professional committee of the China Gold early Finance Association and the "city of London Green Finance Initiative" jointly issued the "the Belt and Road" green investment principles

in April 2019, 27 large international financial institutions participated in the signing ceremony of the "the Belt and Road" green investment principles, including Agricultural Bank of China, Agricultural Development Bank of China, Al Hilal bank, Astana international exchange, etc., including the main Chinese funded financial institutions participating in the "the Belt and Road" investment. This marks a new stage of green investment in the "the Belt and Road"

in the future, the construction of the green "the Belt and Road" will continue to focus on international cooperation and contribute to the "China plan" for sustainable development

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