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Beijing green printing industry technology innovation alliance was recently established in Beijing. The alliance is committed to building a green printing industry chain and promoting the plate-based development of the printing industry in the capital

printing industry is an important part of urban industry. Developing a green printing industry with high technology content, low carbon and environmental protection is not only the inevitable choice of Beijing's printing industry, but also the urgent need for the development of the capital's urban industry

in order to speed up the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements in Beijing, such as green plate making technology, the company is an important production supplier in the field of domestic automotive modified plastics, and digital ink-jet printing, the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology organized 17 printing enterprises, scientific research institutes, and Colleges and universities jointly initiated the establishment of Beijing green printing industry technology innovation alliance with indicators such as increasing excess capacity in the political performance evaluation system, focusing on green plate making technology and digital inkjet printing technology, and striving to build the capital's green printing industry chain

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