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New Year greetings, Fujian Hakka mountain village, old tradition, new ideas, transmission of nostalgia

China news service, Longyan, Fujian, February 7 (Xinhua) -- UAV New Year greetings, Fujian Hakka mountain village, old tradition, new ideas, transmission of nostalgia

China News Service, Zhong Yi

"safely arrive at the destination, send blessings, and fly." With the order of Zhong Han, an 85 year old man, a drone carrying red envelopes, apples and other New Year gifts slowly took off, crossed the river and bamboo forest, and arrived at the home of Zhong Qitai, an 85 year old man. Zhong Qitai's family of 18 people, who live in the same house for four generations, went out to welcome "joy from the sky" and returned a gift to show their gratitude

this is a scene that took place in Datian village, Xiaba Township, Wuping County, Longyan City, Fujian Province, during the Spring Festival, when disruptive testing equipment is needed. Longyan is the "ancestral land of Hakka" located in Western Fujian. Xiaba township is located in the southwest of Wuping County, adjacent to Guangdong Province. It is a typical border Township, inhabited by nearly 10000 Hakka people, with rich folk customs

"sending blessings by drone is the first time in the village." Zhong Hansong, Secretary of the Datian village Party branch of Xiaba Township, said that in recent years, the village has comprehensively planned and renovated the mountain village according to the new rural construction standard. According to the design idea of "happy home", it has not only achieved village to village access by road, but also opened convenient places such as elderly activity centers. He told that as the villagers' lives get better and better, the village will organize collective activities during the Spring Festival to let everyone feel the festive atmosphere. For example, the tug of war competition organized during the 2018 spring festival attracted more than 500 villagers

"post-85" Zhong Dewen is a native of Datian village. He has married and established a family outside. The reunion of four generations during the Spring Festival makes him feel warm, "as long as he is not on duty, he will definitely return to his hometown for the Spring Festival". He recalled that when he was a child, people in the village gathered together to listen to the power factor song of Shan 1, watch the lion dance and Hakka boat lights (a traditional folk dance popular in Western Fujian, northern Guangdong, southern Jiangxi and other places), but with the development of society, traditional folk performances are now less seen

"to retain the flavor of the new year and inherit the nostalgia, the new era needs new ways." Zhong Dewen believes that mobile communication and social media are becoming more and more convenient, and the contact between villagers is no longer limited to meeting during the Spring Festival. How to find new sustenance for local feelings has become a new topic, which needs to be promoted by the younger generation

Zhong Deping, 45, the Hakka villager and chairman of Datian village Charity Association, introduced that during the Spring Festival in 2015, through the initiative of the villager going out and the villagers' voluntary donations, Datian village established a Charity Association to carry out charity activities such as student aid, helping the elderly, helping the poor, and donations. Every year on the Double Ninth Festival, people over the age of 70 in the village can receive hundreds of yuan of filial piety money

"we have been away from our hometown for 20 or 30 years, and we all hope to make some contributions to our hometown so that the elderly can spend their old age in peace. The purpose of establishing a charity association is to unite the forces of the clan, mobilize more people to participate, and continue family affection and love." Zhong Deping said

ancestor worship is the direct embodiment of Hakka people's respect for blood and family. During the Spring Festival, the 50 year old Zhong De took three generations of his grandparents to the fields and ancestral halls to worship his ancestors at the dawn of the day. Load by load to avoid the resulting impact from damaging the measuring structure of the experimental machine. There are three animal sacrifices, firecrackers and flower paper sprinkled with chicken blood in the basket, reposing the Hakka people's feelings for the clan. Zhongdecheng revealed that Datian village is planning to plant a "daughter forest" and a "glory forest" at the foothill of the village, which will be planted by married village women and village men. China officially implements the "plastic restriction order" to take care of them when returning home on festivals, so as to express the local feelings and not forget to find "roots"

the village relatives who are discussing the implementation plan imagine that after years of breeding, this Hakka mountain village will have a new ecological forest that protects the environment and is also a "nostalgic forest" for married women. (end)

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