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To tide over the difficulties together, Youyin communication helps enterprises solve their business difficulties with services

while uniting to fight the epidemic, how to ensure the normal operation of the national economy and minimize the impact of the epidemic on various industries has become another important task in the current epidemic prevention and control. In the special period of epidemic prevention and control, all kinds of business operations will be affected by the epidemic, especially the limited economic scale and weak economic defense ability of small and medium-sized enterprises. How to deal with epidemic prevention, enterprise development and current business difficulties has become a top priority. Small and medium-sized enterprises are more urgent to ask: where are customers, how to control costs, and how to improve efficiency

Youyin this channel can be equipped with load sensors or press oil pressure sensors according to user requirements. As a benchmark enterprise in the business field of enterprise communication services, Youyin, Youyin conference, Youyin cloud switchboard, Youyin cloud customer service, mobile cloud seats, Youyin SMS, Youyin cloud platforms such as reproductive system development problems, liver problems and other products and services, Provide communication support and business customer operation and management services for small and medium-sized enterprises, provide strong support for enterprises to fight against the epidemic and ensure operation, and give small and medium-sized enterprises full confidence to overcome difficulties and solve the current dilemma

1. Where is the customer

Youyin communication intelligent products not only have the functions of real-time call viewing, missed follow-up, service efficiency analysis and so on, but also integrate intelligent robots, intelligent analysis, service opportunity precipitation and so on. Enterprise customer service personnel no longer need to query missed calls one by one, nor need they worry that they may lose potential business opportunities, let alone waste time on endless recordings, hitting the pain point of enterprise services, Helping enterprises efficiently serve every customer, seize every business opportunity, and solve the urgent needs of many enterprises

at the same time, Youyin communication integrates intelligent products into Alibaba nailing, and also forms a resource sharing circle by introducing the purchasing needs of commercial enterprises, so as to realize the efficient transformation of Alibaba nailing's customer resources

2. How to control the cost

voice communication is still the rigid demand of enterprise services and the most appropriate business communication mode with both efficiency and security at present, but the traditional communication implementation requires commercial and enterprise customers to pay energy and financial resources in wiring installation, equipment commissioning, hardware procurement and other aspects, and the late communication and maintenance costs for small and medium-sized enterprises are also very high. For more than ten years, with independent research and development as the backing, Youyin communication has continuously provided the most convenient, reliable, efficient and stable communication services for enterprises. Relying on the efficient ability of Youyin cloud platform, commercial and enterprise customers do not need to consider issues such as cabling and installation, and can open services in one day as soon as possible. At the same time, various concessions save a lot of human costs and operating costs for enterprises

at the same time, Youyin cloud customer service products perfectly combine call center management with CRM analysis management, greatly improving the normal management of enterprise call centers and customer information management, and reducing the comprehensive operation cost for small and medium-sized enterprises

3. How to improve efficiency

Youyin communication provides a series of products and services such as Youyin, Youyin cloud customer service, mobile cloud seats, and Youyin cloud switchboard for commercial and enterprise customers, transforming the original inefficient business opportunity communication and customer demand processing methods into efficient online docking methods, and docking with users' one-to-one exclusive voice services, so as to make the online processing process more efficient. In particular, mobile cloud seats only need any kind of terminal, which can ensure that business opportunities are not missed and orders are not lost. In the current serious epidemic, it is most suitable for enterprises to operate in a decentralized manner. At the same time, Youyin conference can achieve 1000 party smooth access to calls, and improve the efficiency to a certain level. When the load can no longer rise, the flexibility of enterprise management

over the past ten years, with its strong service undertaking ability, good operation and maintenance ability, and experience in operation level customer service, Youyin communication has made great efforts to support the communication services and operation management of various business customers, and has won the trust and support of 500000 enterprise customers including Amazon China, SAIC Group, Moutai group, Huawei, Baidu, Sohu and other world top 500 and well-known enterprises. In 2019, Youyin communication made great achievements, serving many leading Internet innovation giants, deepening a series of services such as jointly creating intelligence with Alibaba nailing, and launching cloud platform docking and strategic cooperation with JD cloud

this epidemic makes the beginning of 2020 particularly difficult. With its own capabilities and full range of products, Youyin communication will give full support to small and medium-sized enterprises to win the battle against the epidemic and protect the economy. Youyin communication will focus on the construction of enterprise communication service ecosystem, carry out enterprise ecosystem to the industry, and unite more partners in the field of business and enterprise services to jointly create more value for enterprises and empower enterprise communication

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