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Kostron won the 2017 German Chemistry Award

kostron won the 2017 German Chemistry Award

October 24, 2017

[China paint information] recently, the German Chemical Industry Management Association (VAA) awarded kostron the 2017 German Chemistry Award. Klaus Schafer, a member of the covestro Management Committee, is particularly important for slender bars and thin-walled members. As the director of the labor department, he received the award from Rainer nachtrab, the first chairman of VAA

since 2008, VAA has been awarding German chemical awards to companies that adopt exemplary and sustainable human resource policies. The award decision of the jury is based on the results of a regular survey of more than 7000 managers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

in his acceptance speech, Dr. Klaus Schafer emphasized the importance of establishing a good working relationship between all employees. He said, "kostron won the prize mainly because the company has a good team spirit and a working environment of mutual trust and respect." He also thanked the employees for their contributions to the company's successful independent operation. Schafer pointed out that the independence of covestro has brought many changes and challenges, and the company's managers and employees must work together to overcome them quickly

in 2016, VAA awarded a special award to covestro. Shortly after its divestiture from Bayer last year, the company ranked second in the manager survey. Dr. Klaus Sch fer said, "this good ranking result shows that the employees of the company fully support the development strategy we began to implement two years ago." The award shows the importance of sustainable human resource work for employees to build trust in employers. The survey results also show that covestro should adhere to the current strategic development path

Carl Joseph, Minister of labor, health care and social affairs of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany Karl Josef l Aumann delivered a keynote speech. Frank, chairman of Schott's management committee, who won the award last year Dr. Frank heinricht also delivered a speech to congratulate costron on winning the award. Dr. Markus steilemann, the chief commercial officer of covestro and a potential CEO in the future, also attended the swing angle needs professional conditioning party held in wolkenburg, Cologne. In addition, instead of reducing the resulting environmental pollution, many other executives and human resources executives in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry also accepted VAA's invitation to attend

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