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On November 21, China Plastics warehouse receipts HDPE market brief review

I. Market Overview:

today, all varieties of HDPE warehouse receipts are basically flat and high, and the intraday price is mainly driven by the buying up. Except for hd0704, which is not referred to due to the limited order volume, other varieties closed up sharply as a whole, and there was a unilateral reverse market. In terms of transaction, the transaction volume of warehouse receipts in HDPE group today is more than half that of the previous trading day, and the order volume is also slightly reduced. In terms of the proportion of pending orders between buyers and sellers, the overall buying is dominant today, and the phenomenon of bilateral opening and changing hands is more obvious. The HDPE index closed at 980.55 points today, up 11.78 points from the previous close. The daily K-line showed a bareheaded and barefoot Changyang line, and stood firmly at the 20 day moving average

II. Analysis of main varieties:

hd0612 today's order volume fell sharply, closing up 77 yuan at the end of the day, and there was a strong unilateral bullish market. On the K-day line, the entity is a long shadow and a short Yang, and intersects with the 5-day moving average and the 10 day moving average. You need to be cautious about chasing the rise in the future market. If you can't adhere to today's results tomorrow, there may be a decline in the future market

hd0 until the customer is proficient in operation 701 today's order volume has increased steadily, but the trading volume has been significantly reduced due to unilateral limit closure. The bareheaded and barefoot Changyang line has been withdrawn from the daily K line. In Chinaplas 2017, the indicators such as boll, KDJ and MACD have been widely tested. Hd0701 has not yet gone out of the horizontal consolidation range, and it is still recommended to sell high and absorb low in short-term operation

III. comprehensive comments:

basically, crude oil has fallen slightly, which has little impact on the market. Market participants pay more attention to the extent of actual demand and the change of speculative demand with the emergence of what factors. In terms of spot goods, HD optimized the component size of the structure of the experimental machine today, and the PE raw material market as a whole continued the stalemate, with flat transactions, little improvement, flat market, stable protection and narrow fluctuations. On the whole, HDPE still needs to benefit the fundamentals to promote the rising market

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

source of information: China plastics trading

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