Best wishes for the opening of longrun lubricant a

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I wish the opening of "longrun lubricant anyangchai oil change center"

I wish the opening of "longrun lubricant anyangchai oil change center"

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on May 11, 2018, after careful preparation, longrun lubricant held a grand product recommendation meeting in Anyang, Henan Province. At the same time, in order to celebrate the opening of "longrun lubricant Anyang diesel engine oil change center" and win the praise of customers in the trial operation, we hereby hold a grand event with dual significance

early in the morning of the event, the staff of longrun lubricating oil change center was still busy arranging the venue, and many invited customers had arrived at the venue in advance to enthusiastically assist the staff of the oil change center in arranging the venue

as night fell, the product recommendation meeting began

[longrun lubricant] Henan Anyang general distributor

· Zhang Warring States ·

General Manager of longrun lubricant Anyang oil change center

deputy general manager of Henan xiangxuan Logistics Co., Ltd.

as the designated distributor of longrun lubricant Anyang area, Mr. Zhang Warring States, deputy general manager of Henan xiangxuan Logistics Co., Ltd., said: "longrun lubricant" fulfills its marketing commitment, assigns special personnel to participate in the whole process, and vigorously supports terminal development, Help us spray paint only where we need it, and the dealer can help us. "

Henan xiangxuan Logistics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating road cargo transportation, vehicle attachment and other related businesses. At present, it is engaged in vehicle maintenance, three filters of engine oil, antifreeze and other related businesses in beihuanchai engine oil change center. Since its trial operation for one month, it has received the support and trust of customers, and has carried out vehicle maintenance for more than 180 vehicles. Evonik's expanded biomaterial is advanced biodegradable Degradable high-strength composite business

on behalf of the company and all employees, we hereby solemnly promise that we will continue to provide you with the best quality products and allow you to enjoy more professional services! Big country heavy goods, support made in China! Support China longrun

(Figure: longrun lubricant marketing team and employees of longrun lubricant Henan Anyang oil change center)

longrun visited hundreds of homes and homes, longrun

· Xu Yuzong

General Manager of traditional sales business department of lubricant

Beijing longrun Kaida group

focuses on the background, strength and advantages of Beijing longrun Kaida group, He also shared the reputation of "longrun lubricant" brand in the industry with the guests present

[longrun lubricating oil] gear maintenance

· Lei Hao, director of quality inspection and testing department/teacher Lei said that the oil anchor Beijing longrun Kaida group

teacher Lei brought very professional vehicle maintenance knowledge and practical cases encountered in many technical services. This time, the knowledge lecture on vehicle gear maintenance was brought to Anyang customers, which was deeply welcomed by Anyang end customers

Mr. Lei distributed prizes to the audience who answered correctly

that night, Beijing longrun Kaida group and Henan xiangxuan Logistics Co., Ltd. prepared rich prizes, which were the third prize, the second prize and the first prize respectively, which were drawn for everyone at the recommendation meeting

opening promotion policy

Fu Hongjun, deputy manager of Henan region in the Central South region of the traditional sales department of lubricants and lubricants of Beijing longrun group

Yan Xiaofeng, deputy general manager of Henan xiangxuan Logistics Co., Ltd. (left and right)

announced the product promotion policy of Henan Anyang oil change center of longrun lubricants

[longrun lubricating oil] product recommendation meeting site

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