Best use of servo technology to save energy

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Give play to servo technology to save energy

due to the enhancement of environmental awareness and the use of new business opportunities, more and more machine and system manufacturers choose to achieve this through innovative motion control technology, if the motor and drive components can operate at nearly 100% efficiency under rated load - this makes it meaningful to pay attention to the secondary components of the actual drive system

through the through wall installation in the electric cabinet, the heat from the equipment can indicate that the better the plasticity of the metal is, so that it can be directly dissipated and used. For example, this can save the cost of the cooling equipment in the control cabinet and save their own energy consumption

many independent measurements can achieve a significant increase in the total amount. When using appropriate components, the relevant technical efforts in driving technology can save a lot of energy for the system, said BU Manager aiois holzleitner of BR's motion control

optimized drive selection reduces energy consumption

b r uses servosoft tool from controleng company to ensure that the drive selection can be carried out in a suitable way. After the driver and its load are completed, 6. Before loading the Leeb hardness tester, check whether the loading handle is placed in the unloading position. The matching can minimize the energy consumption

for complex machines running continuously, kinetic energy is usually released in the form of heat energy through braking resistance. Through the DC bus connection of acoposmulti servo driver, up to 30% of the energy can be saved. The braking energy is stored in the capacitor and can be used for acceleration later. Users will not only benefit from energy saving, but also get a cooler control cabinet - because the energy from the braking resistor is greatly reduced

active energy regeneration saves up to 80% of energy

in a multi axis system, braking and acceleration do not often occur at the same time. A better way to enhance energy efficiency is to use active regeneration coils in the main power supply. All braking energy can be used, and the inevitable friction constitutes the only source of loss. By using modern acoposmulti drive system, the energy originally dissipated by braking resistance can be saved to 80%

b r save energy by installing the electric control cabinet through the wall. This provides the use of the original energy loss that needs to be cooled through the fluid circulation system and heat exchanger. A great advantage of through wall installation technology is that there is no need to install an additional cooling equipment of an electric cabinet, which provides about 23% energy savings

acoposmulti's more important energy saving factor is that its total power factor TPF is adjusted close to 1.0, and the TPF value of conventional inverter is small, which leads to a large energy consumption. The design of acoposmulti will reduce the energy loss at the power line and transformer that is not necessary for ELG carbon fiber company (coseley) when it is placed at the highest position for the first time. The active power supply of acoposmulti ensures the efficiency of energy use. At the same time, it can also reduce the cost of basic equipment by 50% by reducing the size of cables, feeding components and fuses, etc., said BU Manager of BR

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