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Bristol announced that it would significantly improve the non phthalate plasticizer pevalen? Capacity

pevalen ™ It is an excellent choice for plasticizer products in human contact applications such as toys, coated fabrics and floors

Pevalen ™ The production capacity of high-performance non phthalate plasticizers produced for Bristol will be increased to 50000 tons per year

this increase in production measures will help Bristol further improve its responsiveness to the foreseeable growth demand in the non phthalate plasticizer Market

more capacity expansion plans have entered the preparatory implementation stage

Bristol announced that it will significantly increase the non phthalate plasticizer pevalen from 2019 ™ At the same time, with the Italian enterprise alcoplast srl Sign a long-term production cooperation agreement to ensure that this production increase plan can be carried out on schedule. This new partnership will help Bristol double its current production capacity to reach an annual output of 50000 tons, thereby improving the economic benefits of the product unit with the help of large-scale production

as a high-performance non phthalate plasticizer produced by Bristol, pevalen ™ (pentaerythritol tetraester) is especially suitable for sensitive applications to avoid water leakage and evaporation, as well as various products in direct contact with the human body, such as toys and children's products, clothing and accessories, sports and leisure products, car interior or furniture, floor, wall decoration and other indoor applications in home and public places. Pevalen ™ It has unique properties unmatched by other traditional plasticizers in the current market - low mobility, low volatility and high plasticizing efficiency

most countries have launched strategies or plans to revitalize the manufacturing industry

"the use of springs is 10 points wide, and the global market demand for non phthalate plasticizers is expected to maintain an annual growth of about 100000 tons." Markus Jnsson, vice president of plasticizer business of Bristol, said, "since we put the first batch of pevalen ™ After the plasticizer was successfully put on the market, more and more customers began to choose to try this product, and its performance advantages have been proved in a variety of applications. In addition, pevalen ™ It also has excellent environmental performance. This feature has gradually become an important factor affecting customers' final product selection decisions. All in all, pevalen ™ A sharp rise in market demand is inevitable. From the previous period of time, it has been a certain challenge for Bristol to meet the growing market demand with the existing production capacity. Therefore, we decided to further expand the production capacity of this product from 2019. In addition, we worked with alcoplast srl The partnership established will also bring more plasticizer products with complementary advantages to our original product portfolio. "

Bristol believes that the market of non phthalate plasticizers will continue to grow, while pevalen ™ It will gradually become an ideal product choice in this field. Pevalen ™ The capital increase plan to expand production by more than 100000 tons has now entered the stage of preparation and implementation. Bristol will implement this capital increase plan in time to fully respond to future market demand

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