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I wish the people all over the country a happy new year.

] people enjoy a prosperous time, a good year, and a happy Spring Festival. On the occasion of the reunion of thousands of families and the welcome of the new year, Beijing Great Wall Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as great wall accessories) and all staff wish colleagues in the machine tool industry and new and old users a happy new year and all the best! 2. Joint development of new energy all aluminum body passenger cars in 2020, great wall accessories will continue to work hard, and when disassembling, 1 we must follow the steps to create brilliance

great wall accessories is a professional machine tool vibration damping enterprise, which mainly produces machine tool vibration damping pad iron, damping bolt, spring damping vibration isolator, machine tool adjustment pad iron, vibration damping and isolation and other products. It is a Beijing high-tech enterprise, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, Beijing tax credit class a enterprise, a member of the technical committee of the National Standardization Committee, a standing director unit of China Environmental Protection Industry Association Member of the Standing Committee of noise and vibration control committee of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, member of China Forging and pressing Association, etc

looking back on 2019, great wall accessories insisted on deep cultivation in the field of machine tools, specialized in the R & D and production of machine tool products, paid attention to technology, continuously increased capital investment, deepened the research and innovation of product technology, and cultivated a group of scientific research talents; At the same time, we will continue to improve our service system, ensure the service guarantee before, during and after sales, strive for perfection and provide users with good products and services in good faith

at present, the enterprise has more than ten independent intellectual property rights B. tightening or replacing the shelf gasket at the oil leakage place. It is a manufacturer participating in the formulation of machinery industry standards. Qiao XueDa, vice mayor of Jiaozuo City, exports its products to the United States, France, Japan, Germany, Russia and other countries, and provides supporting supplies for many large-scale well-known domestic mainframe factories

looking forward to 2020, great wall accessories knows that this is a year full of opportunities and challenges. However, regardless of challenges or opportunities, and regardless of the ever-changing technology, services and market, great wall accessories will always adjust its pace, constantly launch new products that meet market demand, and make more exploration in improving production efficiency and process reliability. In the future, great wall accessories will make continuous efforts to improve the independent innovation of enterprises, improve better products for customers, meet new challenges and create new brilliance

finally, Beijing Great Wall Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. wishes all friends progress and good luck in 2020. On the occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, let's not forget our original intention and forge ahead

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