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Classification, structure and selection principle of dry spring relay

dry spring relay is an electromagnetic breaker with sealed contacts. Reed relay can reflect voltage, current, power, current polarity and other signals. It is widely used in detection, automatic control, computer control technology and other fields. Dry spring relay is mainly composed of dry-type tongue spring and excitation coil. The dry tongue (contact) is sealed and made of iron nickel alloy. The contact oil consumption of the tongue is reduced by 7%; After the overall weight reduction of the car body is between 40% and 60%, the part is usually plated with precious metals (such as gold, rhodium, palladium, etc.), with good contact and excellent electrical conductivity. The contact is sealed in a glass tube filled with inert gases such as nitrogen, which effectively prevents dust pollution, reduces contact corrosion, and improves working reliability. Its structure is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of dry spring relay structure

this machine has beautiful appearance, convenient operation, no pollution and low noise

1-tongue reed 2-coil 3-glass tube 4-skeleton

when the coil is energized, the free ends of the two occupied reeds in the tube are magnetized into N and S poles respectively to attract each other, so the controlled circuit is connected. After the coil is powered off, the dry reed is separated under its own elastic force to cut off other lines

therefore, the selection of 1kn machine for the selection of the equipment can be used for the artificial ligament with a diameter of about 5mm, and the equipment is simple to operate.

the dry spring relay has the advantages of simple structure and small volume. The pull in power is small and the sensitivity is high. Generally, the pull in and release time is within 0.5 ~ 2ms. The contact is sealed, free from dust, moisture and harmful gas pollution. The moving piece has small mass and range, and the electric life of the contact is long, generally up to about 107 times

dry spring relay can also be driven by permanent magnet to reflect non electric signals, used for limit and travel control, non electric quantity detection, etc. The main component is the dry spring water level annunciator of the dry spring relay, which is applicable to the water level control and water level alarm of open containers such as water tanks, water towers and pools in industrial and civil buildings. (end)

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