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Cleaning fault of printer continuous ink supply system fault analysis

10 cuixiaofeng, engineer of BAIC Motor Corporation Limited 1. Cleaning fault

fault phenomenon:

◇ there is ink accumulation under the print cartridge, and the printing part at the beginning of the manuscript is mottled

◇ make abnormal noise when executing the cleaning command

◇ the printer sometimes executes the cleaning command automatically without human intervention

◇ the red light and the power green light on the printer panel flash alternately


the command to clean the printing head is set to dredge the printing head, remove the ink containing air foam, and ensure the effect of printing on the clamp. As Epson has set up an ink protection counter for each printer with more accurate printing experimental data, when the cumulative ink jet volume of the printer reaches the maximum, the red light and the green light on the panel will flash alternately, one USB data line and one power line respectively. At this time, it is necessary to send it to the maintenance station to replace the waste ink tray inside the printer and clear the ink protection counter before it can work normally. Therefore, try to avoid too much cleaning during the use of the printer.

too many cleaning times will cause some of the cleaned ink to seep under the print cartridge, resulting in ink accumulation and affecting the print quality. Some printers also make strange sounds during cleaning. At this time, stop cleaning, wipe the accumulated ink with a paper towel, and continue working after 30 minutes. The problem will be eliminated naturally

for the continuous ink supply system equipped with permanent chips, redundant cleaning will be added: the machine will be automatically cleaned after 10 seconds of shutdown; Automatic cleaning when the print command is interrupted; Sometimes, it will be automatically cleaned without operation intervention. The result of each cleaning will restore the count value of the permanent chip to the full state. Therefore, in order to reduce unnecessary cleaning times, it is recommended not to frequently switch the printing power supply after using the permanent chip

for the ink protection counter, if you have a large print volume, it is recommended that you use a group of 600ml of ink each time to clear it. This can be achieved by executing the Epson service software

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