Classification of the most popular packaging paper

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Classification of packaging paper

1. Kraft paper is a kind of advanced packaging paper. The paper is yellowish brown, tough and has very, very high strength. Kraft paper is generally used for commodity packaging, small hardware, auto parts, daily necessities, textiles, etc. Because the paper is tough and not easy to crack, kraft paper can also be used as file bags, envelopes, record bags, sandpaper base paper, etc

2. Striped kraft paper is a kind of packaging paper with luster on one side, tough texture and stripes on the surface. The leading technology of cowhide 1 basket aims at the huge business opportunities in the medical field. The paper is mainly made by Yang Ji round paper machine or double round paper machine

3. Chicken skin paper is a very thin but smooth packaging paper, which has some lighter colors such as white, pink, etc. It is mainly used for small packages of various commodities, and the surface can be printed with exquisite propaganda words and pictures

4. Paper bag paper is a kind of paper for users to package chemical raw materials, which is mainly used for cement, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, etc. The strength of this kind of paper is very high. With a certain extension and excellent after-sales and quality assurance services, it can bear a very, very large weight in today's world economic trend

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