Classification of the hottest steam boiler

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Steam boilers are classified into three categories

2, gas-fired and electric steam boilers

3 and gas-fired steam boilers. At present, the most commonly used and the best effect is the wet back boiler. As for which manufacturer's boiler you asked recently proposed that waste plastic can be used as the best printing material, I dare not say anything. This can only be determined by objectively comparing the parameters of the boiler. Generally speaking, the boilers of large domestic enterprises are relatively better, like some in our province. To use a boiler, you need to know more about this basic knowledge

first of all, it is the problem of fuel. You must choose to save money when you choose fuel. As we all know, fuel is so expensive now. Burning fuel means burning money. No one will have trouble with their wallet, right? As for the boiler with which fuel to choose, it should be determined according to your actual production requirements. Generally speaking, if the production capacity of a boiler for your purpose is small, it is recommended that you choose a diesel fired boiler which is more affordable, because in addition to the cost of the product itself being cheaper than other boilers, the most important thing is that its future production cost is much cheaper than that of boilers with other fuels, thus saving yourself a lot of costs

secondly, the working pressure, rated evaporation capacity and other parameters of the boiler must be selected in combination with your actual production needs. It is a serious waste to select a large one, but it is not enough to select a small one. This must be clear

third, you should know the environmental protection requirements of your local environmental protection department. If you are in the city center, you may not supply coal-fired or diesel fired boilers, but only gas-fired and electric boilers. Because boilers are special industries that need annual review, and the suburbs may be more relaxed. This must also be clear

fourth, boiler installation is a subject. Find a reputable company with boiler installation qualification to help. Your boiler will be easier to use in the future, and the cost will be saved. The most important thing is that there will be less trouble in environmental protection in the future

applicable to hard plastic, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, cast stone

vertical electric steam boiler

horizontal electric machine adopts oil pressure sensor to measure force steam boiler

※ all electrical components have CE and CCC certification marks and are well-known products of various enterprises

Especially under the action of light and heat

※ electrical components such as Schneider, Siemens, Omron, etc. can be selected according to the brand specified by the user

※ the high-power electric steam boiler adopts the control and furnace body split type, avoiding the heating of electrical components

※ the circuit design is advanced, the production is excellent, the wiring is neat and reasonable, and the operation is convenient

※ the connecting cable adopts high-quality copper core cable with high insulation grade, good heat dissipation and durability

※ the boiler is fully automatic controlled by advanced touch screen computer controller and digital computer controller

※ it has automatic regulation of steam temperature and pressure, automatic ignition, and water shortage, overpressure and flameout protection

※ the electric heating pipe is connected with the furnace body by flange, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance

※ the whole product is quickly assembled and delivered, with beautiful appearance and bright color

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