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In the highly professional decoration market, a standardized contract can reduce many disputes and disputes, and it is also an important basis for owners to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Therefore, when signing the contract with the decoration company, the owner must carefully read each clause, and timely put forward and require the decoration company to change it if it finds any irrationality. After the contract is signed, the terms proposed by the owner are difficult to be recognized by the decoration company. Xiaobian analyzes for you: what should the owner pay attention to when signing a contract with the decoration company

in the decoration industry, many guerrillas are affiliated with large decoration companies, or there is a phenomenon that decoration companies subcontract some projects. Therefore, before signing the contract, the owner can ask the company to show a full set of industrial and commercial registration data and some relevant qualification certificates, and check whether the company's business name and official seal are the same

when negotiating with the decoration company, the owner must come prepared. On the one hand, it can save time, and on the other hand, it is not impossible to ask three unknowns. These preparations include: clarifying the decoration requirements; Go to the material market to understand the approximate price of materials; To determine the decoration price, it is best to leave room, such as determining a minimum price and a maximum price

◆ the quotation depends not only on the price, but also on the material description and construction technology

after getting the quotation provided by the decoration company, the owner must read it carefully. Many owners only look at the price column after getting the quotation. If the quotation is low, they think it is OK, and if the quotation is high, they bargain hard. In fact, this is wrong. If the price is not combined with the technical standards of materials, manufacturing or installation process, the quotation is just an imaginary number. Therefore, it is not only the price that needs to be paid attention to in the quotation, but also the material description and technical standards of manufacturing and installation process. And the owners are wary of the unit price trap of decoration companies. Decoration is not as expensive as buying other things, and its price is very opaque. Therefore, we must polish our eyes, and the owner must go to the site with the decoration company to measure and calculate the actual data, see all the quotations clearly, and then give money

◆ when bargaining, we should grasp the degree and strive for the payment method of 3:3:3:1 ratio

the owner should not bargain excessively when negotiating with the decoration company. Before bargaining, you should have a general understanding of the minimum price of each project and qualified project. The bargaining should not be too low, just moderate. Decoration is to set the price before construction. If the price is too low, and the decoration company is reluctant to lose this order, it is likely to take over the work in pain, but try to find it back in the process of decoration. Therefore, bargaining with the decoration company must be enough. Moreover, the process and materials of all processes must be agreed before bargaining. After bargaining, it is also necessary to confirm that the process and materials standards have not been reduced. In the general decoration contract, the decoration payment method is usually paid in three installments. It is suggested that when signing the contract, the payment time should be 3:3:3:1 according to the project progress

◆ be careful with the words calculated according to the actual occurrence in the contract, and pay attention to the agreed decoration auxiliary materials

before signing the contract with the decoration company, the decoration company should be required to indicate the specific quantities of each project in the quotation as much as possible, especially in projects such as water circuit reconstruction, especially to avoid the decoration company using such a vague description calculated according to the actual occurrence

generally, owners will not forget to agree on the brand, quality grade and model of some materials in the annex, but they pay attention to the main materials such as cement, latex paint and large core board, and often neglect the auxiliary materials such as white latex, vinyl materials, jointing agent and other building materials. In fact, these accessories seriously affect the environmental protection of the decoration project. No matter how good the big core board is used, if the white latex used is not environmental friendly, then the furniture after completion must be non environmental friendly, and its pollution is beyond imagination. Therefore, the brand and model of these accessories used on the construction site must be limited when signing the contract

◆ clarify the agreement on the construction period, warranty, etc. in the contract, with detailed design drawings attached. The construction period must be strictly agreed in the decoration contract, and it should be clearly agreed that if the construction party delays the construction period, it should be liable for compensation to the owner. It is best to compensate the owner according to a certain proportion of the total project payment every day of delay. Remember that the duration agreement in the contract, which only stipulates the duration but does not indicate the liability for breach of contract, is equivalent to an empty article. Moreover, the owner must agree with the decoration company on the project warranty, including the warranty period and scope. For example, if something goes wrong, whether the decoration company is solely responsible for the warranty of labor and materials, or only labor and not responsible for the warranty of materials, or there are other restrictive terms, these must be clearly written in the contract

the owner also needs to note that the decoration contract must be attached with a detailed design drawing. When signing the contract, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the design drawing has marked the proportion and detailed size instructions. If you don't understand, you should ask. If it's inappropriate, let the designer change it. At this time, you must not be too troublesome

◆ details should not be sloppy, and keep a few minds in everything.

in order to prevent disputes between the owner and the decoration company due to some details, the owners had better make an agreement with the decoration company on these details. For example, the cost of water and electricity. During the decoration process, water, electricity, gas, etc. will be used for on-site construction. Generally, by the end of the project, the total cost of water and electricity is not a small figure. Who should pay this cost should also be indicated in the contract. Another example is the problem of increasing or decreasing the project, making more cabinets, changing more water circuits for several meters, etc. are very common in decoration, but before the construction of increasing or decreasing the project, the project change must have a written agreement, specifying the change order of magnitude and price in detail, and can be used as the settlement basis after the owner signs and approves





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