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In recent years, the new generation of information technology represented by cloud computing, Internet of things and big data has penetrated into all aspects of economic and social development. The times are changing, and the development of traditional home manufacturing industry needs to keep pace with the times. How to recognize the current market changes in complex forms, build an innovative development system, and make enterprises build brands and expand markets in innovation has become a top priority

the 2016 Conference on reshaping the industrial chain value system of China's home furnishing industry, hosted by the furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, was held grandly. Hundreds of industry leaders, experts and scholars, enterprise representatives and others gathered together to work out good strategies and discuss in depth the market trends and industry trends under the current new economic situation. In the rapid changes of the home furnishing industry chain, what is the value system of China's home furnishing industry and where is the future of enterprises have become the key to reshaping the value system conference. As representatives of excellent enterprises, industry bigwigs have brought a dose of good recipe for the current environmental trend

in the Internet age, is it "addition" or "subtraction"

in the Internet era, Chinese home furnishing enterprises have access to the Internet. What effect can the development of the Internet bring to home furnishing? Some people in the industry said that from the past single online development to online and offline drainage, new retail has also brought new changes. First, C2B personalized customization is popular. The second is the birth of OAO mode. OAO is actually online and offline interaction. Online fans are attracted and cultivated through adsorption, captivity and return, while offline experience follow-up such as store based home consultants and resident designers can carry out targeted precision marketing

the "overweight" of the Internet for household enterprises has changed the process of the entire industrial chain. In the past, enterprises mostly pursued customers who generated sales benefits, but now it has become a consensus to create a good user experience to increase the stickiness of fans and turn users into customers

the magic of the network is not only online and offline communication, but also in the field of home decoration, the Internet has begun to share the world with traditional home decoration. "The Internet home decoration industry is very large, but because it is large, there are many pain points" some people in the industry commented on the Internet

"Internet + home decoration" is not adding but subtracting. The addition of the Internet has greatly weakened the ability of home decoration companies to obtain customers in the past, the ability of designers to sign and convert orders, and the ability of construction management interaction. Some people in the industry believe that there are three Western medicines that can cure this disease. The first is people driven, which the Internet is good at. The second driver is product advantage. The third is user driven. However, these three Western medicines should be combined with the cultivation of enterprise internal skills to combine Chinese and Western medicine. If the whole Internet home decoration can give traditional home decoration what kind of ability, it is probably the ability of differentiation, but the key to give full play to this advantage is to organically combine traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, both inside and outside





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