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If you want to lose weight, go to decorate it. A joke truly reflects the trouble of decoration. The huge workload, professional knowledge and the ability of organization and coordination are difficult for an ordinary owner to bear. Someone has calculated that when decorating a house, an owner will have to deal with about 100 different types of businesses. The tiredness of home decoration has not been substantially changed under the traditional home decoration mode

when investigating the consumption trend of home decoration in 2009, the insiders found that the owners had become disgusted with the traditional home decoration mode, which seemed to be handed over to the decoration company, but they could not go to work at ease. What consumers are eager for is the integrated home decoration service, which can really save consumers time, effort and money

◆ integrated home decoration meets a variety of needs

over the past ten years, China's home decoration has experienced the era of road guerrillas, the era of design + Construction of small decoration companies, the era of loose integrated home furnishing of purchasing main materials, the era of immature overall home furnishing, and the era of overall home furnishing in which all enterprises are constantly developing and practicing. At the same time, the traditional home decoration mode has also been injected with new definitions. For example, the custom-made wardrobe, which used to be made on site, has been replaced by factory processing and on-site installation, which not only reduces pollution, but also improves the production capacity and profits of the enterprise

the demand of the market is constantly changing. Whoever can respond in time and adjust his business model is the winner. Industry leaders have developed innovative service models based on years of research on the stubborn diseases of traditional home decoration. This year, it is expected that more home decoration models will impact the market

in December last year, Tiangu decoration and Beijing bomingsi investment company jointly built weir · The overall home decoration customization center of verchao province is located in Chongqing. The next morning after the trial operation, a gentleman sat on the sofa in one of the nine real experience rooms and sighed: great, just press this one for me

the total price of this 100 square meter experience room is 120000 yuan, including basic decoration, main materials and all furniture. As long as the owner decides all the designs and products on site and signs a contract with it, he is waiting to move in with his bag. In the middle of a few months, the owner can be completely absent from the site

Ville · During the month of operation of Weill low commissioning, orders surged. Most customers are white-collar and gold-collar workers who are busy with work. Also in 2009, Dongyirisheng introduced its overall home decoration service brand Sumi design agency to Chongqing. Sumei has successfully operated in the country for more than two years, and also advocates bag occupancy. With an average home decoration budget of 1200 yuan per square meter, it is determined to liberate China's new middle class from home decoration





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